Benefits & Payments

Find out how L&I makes decisions about claims and the benefits for which you may be eligible. They will depend on the severity of your injury and whether or not you were able to return to work.

Paycheck Deductions

What is covered, including medical benefits, time-loss compensation, disability, and who pays for workers' compensation insurance.

Medical Benefits

Information about how L&I determines your eligibility for benefits and what medical services are covered.

Wage Replacement

Background on how benefits are calculated, who is eligible and when.

Prescription Medications

L&I only pays for prescription medications necessary for treatment of accepted conditions.

Travel Reimbursement

Information about how to be reimbursed for some required trips to the doctor.

Property Reimbursement

How to be reimbursed for property lost or damaged in a workplace accident.

Permanent Partial Disability

Information on how permanent partial disability is awarded and how it is calculated. Links to helpful forms and publications.

Pensions: Permanent Total Disability

Links to helpful forms and publications on pension awards.

Settle Your Claim

If you're 50-plus with a claim at least 180 days old, an alternative to monthly time-loss benefits is a structured settlement agreement.

Training Programs

Find L&I approved training programs and information about Option 2: Developing your own training plan.

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