Thinking of moving out of Washington? What you need to know


  • You must notify L&I of your new address and phone number in writing immediately upon moving.
  • Your rights, benefits and responsibilities for your claim will remain the same. Washington laws will always apply to your claim regardless of where you live.
  • Your claim will continue to be managed by claims staff located in Washington State. There are no branch offices in other states.
  • Your claim may be assigned to a different claim manager.

Finding new care providers

  • It is your responsibility to find a new attending doctor and other needed providers in your new residence area.
  • You must have an attending doctor in order to continue to receive time loss and/or other benefits.
  • You must notify us in writing of your new doctor's name, address and phone number.
  • Finding a new doctor and/or other providers may be difficult as many providers don't accept worker's compensation cases from other states or at all.
  • All health care providers who treat you must have a provider account with Washington L&I in order to be paid. This includes pharmacies, hospitals, therapists, doctors, clinics and all other providers.
  • See for a listing of providers with current provider status. You can search by zip code and/or provider type. These providers may or may not accept you as a patient.
  • If you find a provider willing to accept you, who is not currently an L&I provider, L&I will send them a provider application or they can download the form. We can also send the provider an information packet.
  • Your benefits may be stopped if your new provider does not submit required reports promptly to L&I. You may be required to find a new provider.
  • If you decide to receive care from a provider who won't apply for an L&I provider number, you may have to pay for the care. If the care is approved, we will reimburse you only at our fee schedule rates. This means you may have to pay the difference between what the provider charges and what our fee schedule allows.

Travel for care

You may have to travel a greater distance to receive care for your claim. If so, we may pay for your travel costs. However, your claim manager must pre-approve your travel or you won't be paid.

Vocational benefits

  • Vocational services may continue depending on your ability to participate.
  • Your time loss benefits could stop, if your Washington employer offers you an appropriately modified job approved by your doctor and due to the move you don't accept the job.
  • If you are in an approved retraining plan, relocation is strongly discouraged until after the completion of your plan. In some situations, moving before finishing an approved plan may stop your benefits.

Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

You may have to return to Washington for an independent medical examination. If needed, L&I will pay for your transportation, lodging, meals and wage replacement for lost wages to attend the exam.

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