Claim Process for Crime Victims

Other Insurance

Crime victims must first use any insurance they have before the CVCP pays for benefits. Examples of insurance include:

  • Your own medical insurance.
  • Public health care such as Medicaid, Medicare or Veterans Administration Benefits.
  • Medical coverage through auto insurance as a result of an auto accident.

A fee schedule is used to determine the amount that will be paid to a health care provider, when CVCP pays for benefits.

If you, or your attorney file an injury claim against an insurance carrier or file a lawsuit and recover a settlement from the insurance claim or lawsuit you must notify CVCP of the settlement. CVCP has a right to reimbursement for expenses paid on your claim.

You also have the right to request restitution for crime related losses from the offender. Victim advocates with the prosecuting attorneys’ office will help you with restitution.

Contact your local victim witness office ( for more information about restitution.

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