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Quarterly Due Dates

Quarterly reports are due 4 times each year. Below is a chart that gives you the quarter in which you are reporting, the dates that make up that quarter, and the date that the report and payment is due to L&I.

Due dates for quarterly reporting
Quarter Report period Report & payment due by
1 January 1 through March 31 April 30.
2 April 1 through June 30 July 31.
3 July 1 through September 30 October 31.
4 October 1 through December 31 January 31.
Due date fall on a weekend?
Your report may be postmarked the following business day.
See RCW 51.16.170 ( for more information.

Late payment penalties

  • 1 month overdue: 5% penalty ($10 minimum) + 1% interest of total of premiums.
  • 2 months overdue: 10% penalty + 1% interest of total of premiums.
  • 3 months overdue: 20% penalty + 1% interest of total of premiums.
  • 4 months overdue & thereafter: Additional 1% interest of total of premiums.

Use the Late Payment Calculator to calculate the penalty and interest of filing late.

View the Quarterly Report Sample (F212‑055‑000).

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