Reminders for Drywall Reporting


  • Don't deduct material scrapped by you or your employees.
  • Do not deduct material only scrapped or primed and textured by subcontractors.
  • Don't deduct square footage for taping or texturing not done on the base layer in a multiple-layer application.

Material and square footage

Rooms (square footage) that are not taped or textured may not be subtracted from the total drywall square footage purchased.

Add any material purchased for repair or warranty work to the installation or taping classification regardless of whether or not you were the installing contractor.

Reporting hours

Report hours worked by employees in activities that are reported on an hourly basis such as:

  • Stocking (classification 1101).
  • Metal stud installation (classification 0516).
  • Permanent yard/shop (classification 5206).

Report scrapping hours in classification 0510 when employees performed scrapping activities on jobs where your business did not perform installation.

Report priming and texturing hours worked by employees in classification 0521 when your business did not perform the taping.

Reporting Requirements for the Drywall Industry.

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