Get Medical Help

An injured employee must get immediate medical care

Emergency medical care

Call 911 immediately if there's an emergency on-the-job injury. L&I will pay for your employee's emergency transportation and care (the request for reimbursement must be in writing).

Important: Most injured employees file their claim with the doctor when they are first seen.

Death, probable death, or in-patient hospitalizations

Note: Employers must report to L&I the death or in-patient hospitalization of any employee (within 8 hours) and any non-hospitalized amputation or loss of eye (within 24 hours) due to an on-the-job injury by calling 1‑800‑423‑7233.

Non-emergency medical care

Encourage your employee to get medical treatment even if the injury doesn't require emergency care. L&I will pay for the initial visit for any on-the-job injury.

If an injured worker needs ongoing treatment, they must see a provider in our network after their first visit. All of the providers listed in our "Find a Doctor" online directory are approved to give ongoing care to injured workers.

Rights of injured employees

They have a right to:

  • File a claim.
  • Choose their doctor (according to RCW 51.36.010 ( After the initial visit, they must choose a doctor in our network.
  • Decide who, if anyone, may accompany them to medical treatment even on the initial visit. You must accept that decision.

You may contact the medical provider after treatment is rendered to request information about work restrictions.

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