Stay Involved with Your Employee's Claim

Regularly monitor your injured employee’s claim paperwork, L&I decisions and medical progress reports. Make sure the doctor is aware of any temporary jobs you can offer during recovery. Taking these steps can help you control costs and retain a good employee.

Important: You can check claim progress by calling the claim manager, calling 1‑800‑LISTENS (1‑800‑547‑8367) or by signing up online at the Claim & Account Center .

Employers can use the Claim & Account Center to view an employee’s claim progress and provide L&I with additional claim information.

Review all L&I orders

You may receive two types of orders:

  • Binding (determinative).
  • Non-binding (interlocutory).

Always verify the information in an order and inform L&I of any discrepancy as soon as possible. For instance, an employee who has returned to work is no longer eligible for time-loss compensation. If L&I pays time-loss compensation for any period of time when the employee worked, notify L&I in writing that the employee returned to work.

In a nutshell, if you take an active role in dealing with workers’ compensation insurance claims and communicate your side of the story, you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding unnecessary claim payments. These things aren’t easy but the results of your diligence can show up in your bank balance.

Recordkeeping requirements for workplace injuries and illnesses

Keeping Records of Workplace Injuries is required for many employers by WAC 296‑27 ( The records must be kept on an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) 300 form for employee injuries and illnesses.

Protest or appeal

Know your rights. Employers have essentially the same status in a workers’ compensation insurance claim as their employees and the employees’ attending doctors. You always have the right to protest (also known as a “request for reconsideration”) or appeal an L&I decision but you have only 60 days to do so.

Vocational determinations have a much shorter time limit of 15 days.

Orders and notices are legal decisions that become final and binding unless L&I receives a written protest before 60 days from when you receive them. It is important to be timely because a decision that has become final cannot be changed, even if it is incorrect.

Read all L&I correspondence right away and respond promptly. This will protect your rights and avoid delays that can increase your costs.

Learn how to Protest or Appeal an L&I Decision.

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