L&I is improving the workers' comp system

Quick facts:

  • L&I runs the eighth largest workers' comp system in the nation.
  • L&I processes 140,000 injury claims annually.
  • Only four states offer a higher level of benefits.
  • 34 states have higher rates than Washington's.
  • Administrative costs are less than half the workers' comp industry average.
  • Washington is the only state where workers pay a substantial portion of premiums.
  • See State Fund Financial Information for a more complete look at the State Fund's finances.

How workers' comp is improving

Two Centers of Occupational Health & Education

These centers mentor and reward physicians for using occupational health best practices. The result has been lower claim costs and better outcomes for workers and employers. For more information, please visit the Occupational Health Services Project Web page.

Claim & Account Center

The online center makes claims and account information readily available to employers, injured workers and providers. Register to use the secure Claim & Account Center to:

  • Complete and submit the Employer Report of Accident (EROA).
  • Review claim documents.
  • View employer account information.
  • Send secure messages to the claim manager.
  • Protest a claim decision.

Medical cost

Workers' comp medical costs are well below the national average by close monitoring of prescription-drug use by injured workers, use of generic drugs and an effective evidence-based medicine program.

Return-to-work teams

These teams successfully help workers return to work quickly:

  • Vocational counselors.
  • Risk managers.
  • Nurse consultants.
  • Occupational therapists.

Return to Work Guide (F200‑003‑000).

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome claims

In the last few years, L&I has reduced the processing time for these claims by almost 2 months. This allows workers to get the surgery they need and return to work more quickly.

Claims-related phone calls

More claims-related calls and questions now get answered the first time.

Employee Wallet Cards

These wallet cards are available so employees know who to notify if they are injured on the job. The cards can be filled out and printed at WalletCards.Lni.wa.gov.

Rates Watch

This periodic publication explains why workers' comp rates are rising in specific industries and offer help in reducing claims and lowering claim costs. Past issues can be viewed at Rates Watch.

Small Business Liaison

This person helps small and medium-size employers navigate the workers' comp system and Washington's workplace health and safety regulations.

Ron Langley, the Small Business Liaison, can be reached at:

Other improvements

New business model

Create a new business model to better serve small and medium-sized employers who rarely have workplace injury claims. This model will be based on input from small and medium-sized employers.

Improve Independent Medical Exams (IME)

Improve the overall quality of independent medical exams.

Continue helping providers

Continue to work with providers to eliminate obstacles to treating injured workers, ensuring that they have access to the highest quality medical care.

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