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In the event of a temporary state government shutdown July 1, many services on the L&I website would remain available to our customers. However, virtually all services involving L&I personnel will not be available. Please view the list of services impacted by a shutdown.

About L&I's Workers' Comp Insurance

Intro to L&I's Workers' Comp Insurance

Learn what workers' compensation is, what it pays for, who pays for it, self-insured employers, managing injury claims, training and more.

Do I Need a Workers' Comp Account?

If you plan to hire employees in Washington, you'll need to open a workers' comp account with us. Learn how.

Volunteers and Workers' Comp Coverage

Learn to qualify as a volunteer and what types of organizations may elect to cover them.


Current L&I workshops about workers' compensation.

State Fund Financial Information

Get financial reports for the last 5 years for the Washington State Fund accident, medical aid, and accident reserve industrial insurance funds.

Workers' Compensation Advisory Committee

Learn about the Workers' Compensation Advisory Committee (WCAC), its schedule, meeting minutes and members.

Refunded Employer Account Premiums

Learn about when L&I refunds employer account premiums.

Other Insurance

Read about the Washington U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Assigned Risk Plan (WARP).

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