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A business advantage:Claim-Free Discounts

The example below shows how employers who actively manage workplace safety and injury claims can lower their premiums.

Employer A and Employer B both started wood-framing businesses at the same time, starting with 1 full-time employee. They both started with the same experience factor, 1.000, and paid the same amount every quarter. As business grew, they both added employees until they each had 3 full-time employees. They took different approaches to safety.

Employer A, who has 0 compensable claims and a Claim-Free Discount, pays $10,000 less in premiums than Employer B, who has 2 compensable claims and no Claim-Free Discount.

*These examples are estimates using 2014 rates. The actual rates for the upcoming years will be different. For a description of “compensable” claims, see How claims affect the Claim-Free Discount.

Be like Employer A and save money!

Stop workplace accidents before they happen and earn a Claim-Free Discount. Here are 6 things you can do to prevent accidents and save your business money.

Why Washington is the only state to offer a Claim-Free Discount

Many private insurers offer discounts on personal automobile and homeowner’s insurance. However, Washington is the only state with a Claim-Free Discount on workers’ compensation insurance available to small businesses.

The Claim-Free Discount in Washington is possible because:

  • Claim-free employers have lower future claim potential on average.
  • L&I rates all employers, regardless of size, based on their past claims experience.
  • L&I strives to foster a culture of safe workplaces and return to work among Washington businesses.

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