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L&I strives to work with employers to find reasonable solutions for workplace safety, claims management and Claim-Free cost control. Take advantage of some of the following free resources available for businesses:

  • Visit L&I’s Safety website to learn about:
    • Hazard awareness
    • Hazard prevention and safety training resources
    • Workplace safety health rules
  • Attend L&I’s free workshops. Top picks to get started include:
    • Accident Prevention
    • Developing Safety Committees
    • Fall Protection
    • Office Ergonomics
    • Preventing Back Injuries
    • Stay at Work Program
    • Risk and Claims Management
  • Use these return-to-work documents (PDF files):
  • Schedule a free Safety & Health Consultation to:
    • Review your Accident Prevention Program and other required plans.
    • Identify hidden hazards in your workplace.
    • Provide air and noise monitoring services.
  • Schedule a free Risk Management Consultation to:
    • Create an Early Return to Work Program
    • Understand the Claim-Free Discount and steps to protect it.
    • Get data and analysis specific to your business that shows how claims can affect the rate you pay and your Claim-Free Discount.
    • Show the benefits of claim management strategies.

Consultations are considered informational and educational. No fines or penalties will result from issues uncovered during a consultation. However, we will ask you to correct any serious issues and offer help in correcting them.

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