Distribution of Compensable Claims in the Logging Industry

Logging industry from 2004 through 2008

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) include injuries to the muscles, tendons and related nerves of the back, neck, shoulder, arm, hand and wrist. These injuries usually occur from overexertion or repetitive motion.

Compensable claims are those that involve time-loss (partial wage-replacement) benefits.

Type and frequency of injuries

  • Struck, 39%.
  • WMSD Upper, 19%.
  • Falls from same level, 14%.
  • Other, 12%.
  • Falls from elevation, 8%.
  • Caught, 6%.
  • Overexertion, 2%.
Distribution of Compensable Claims in the Logging Industry. The information contained in this chart is explained in detail above.

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