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Retro Staff

General information

To contact Retro staff, refer to the following:

Whom To Contact
If you ... Contact
Need to find out the status of an enrollment decision An enrollment coordinator
Need to find out if a prospective account qualifies for membership into your group/association
Are having trouble accessing your Retro account
Need help determining if Retro is right for you A financial incentive coordinator
Would like to review or schedule a meeting to discuss your re-enrollment options for future participation
Have questions regarding your adjustment results
Would like to have a Retro representative present at an upcoming training Program Administration

Have issues or concerns regarding your experience with Retro

Retro Staff
Enrollment Staff
Rachelle Bohler Phone: 360-902-5967
Dever Kuni Phone: 360-902-4843
Raj Luke Phone: 360-902-4844
Financial Incentive Coordinators
Alicia Milani Phone: 360-902-5448
Julie Osterberg Phone: 360-902-5819
Marnee Watson, Claims Appeals & Financial Coordinator Phone: 360-902-4690
Program Administration
Tim Smolen, Program Manager Phone: 360-902-4835
Mark M Matthies, Administrative Assistant Phone: 360-902-4838
Jessica Nau, Assistant Program Manager Phone: 360-902-9134
Tim Smolen, Retro Enrollment Manager Phone: 360-902-4835
Nancy Lach, Workers Comp Adjudicator Phone: 360-902-6329

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