Continuing Education Credits and Categories


Course credits are awarded based on the merit and complexity of training:

  • A maximum of one credit per hour of training will be awarded, if training meets other criteria.
  • Partial credit may be assigned based on 0.5 increments.
  • No credit will be awarded for increments less than 0.5.


Claims management

  • Instruction on any complex claim adjudication activity that is not specific to the "Legal" category. (Examples: Complex benefit calculations, vocational issues, effective communication skills, and so on.)
  • Instruction on complex medical issues related to the adjudication of claims under Title 51 RCW (www.leg.wa). (Examples: Study of specific medical condition and their standard courses of treatment, medical case management in complex or multiple injury claims, and so on.)

Note: For curriculum review purposes, "complex" is defined as training that is geared to an experienced adjudicator, containing information that goes beyond known, common everyday practices.


  • Statutory changes: Instruction on recent changes to Title 51 RCW (www.leg.wa).
  • Case Law: Primarily, instruction on new case law as it is handed down. Classes on existing case law may be considered case-by-case, depending on complexity.
  • Washington Administrative Codes (WAC's): Instruction on recent changes.
  • Significant Board Decisions: Primarily instruction, on recent Board Decisions. Classes on existing Board Decisions may be considered on a case-by-case, depending on complexity.

Note: For curriculum review purposes, "recent" will generally be considered decisions and changes that occurred within the 18 month period prior to course submittal.

General Claims Education Credits

Instruction on common everyday claims and related practices such as a refresher classes, industry specific training, safety and injury prevention courses. Excess claims management or legal credits will be applied toward the general claims education credit requirement.

Note: For the category only, credit will be awarded one credit for every hour of instruction.

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