Renew Through Continuing Education

Continuing Education Courses.

Current certified claims administrators need to enter completed continuing education courses into Self‑Insurance Claims Administrator Tracking System (SI‑CATS).


Continuing education is intended to encourage certified claims administrators to stay abreast of evolving knowledge and skills in their profession, promoting the ongoing competency of those certified. Continuing education courses must be designed to increase the participant's knowledge or skill regarding the administration of workers' compensation claims under Title 51 RCW (www.leg.wa).

Continuing education criteria

You must earn a minimum of 75 credits before your certification expires. Extensions will not be granted. WAC 296‑15‑360 (www.leg.wa).

Credits must be earned in the following categories:

  • 40 claims management.
  • 20 legal credits.
  • 15 general claims education credits (excess claims management or legal credits may be applied towards the elective credit requirement).

Note: Courses/credits designated as elective prior to February 3, 2014, will be applied to the general claims education credits category.

Note: Courses/credits approved prior to February 17, 2012 (effective date of changes to WAC 296‑15‑360 (www.leg.wa) ) that were assigned different credit categories will be applied as follows:

  • Claims process/procedure credits will go into claims management.
  • Medical credits will go into claims management.
  • Ethics credits will go into general claims education.

The 75 credits must include any training designated as mandatory by the department. Assignment of course credit will be determined by the Curriculum Review Committee. If you do not earn enough continuing education credits, you will be required to retake the written test to retain department certification.

To report earned continuing education credit to the department, a certified administrator must:

Mandatory classes

Certain classes are designated by the department as mandatory. In order to renew certification through Continuing Education (CE), you must attend all mandatory classes.

Classes given by the department regarding important changes such as new: statutes, rules or case law are likely to be designated as mandatory. Notifications of upcoming mandatory classes are made through the CE listserv.

If you haven't already signed up for the CE listserv, please join today.

Five-year recertification cycle

Certified claims administrators choosing to recertify through continuing education are placed in a 5-year cycle based on the anniversary of their certification test. All continuing education credits earned within that 5-year cycle will apply to the current recertification. Additional credits earned cannot be carried over to the next certification cycle.

How to request recertification through continuing education

Recertification requests must be received by L&I no later than the certification expiration date (no earlier than 90 days before certification expires). No extensions will be authorized.

To renew your certified claims administrator status through continuing education, you must:

  • Have 3 of the last 5 years in the administration or oversight of claims under Title 51 RCW (www.leg.wa).
  • Complete all necessary courses, including all department mandatory courses, before your certification expires.
  • Have sent course documentation to the department (see Submit Proof of Attendance).
  • Update your work history, contact information, and submit your renewal in SI-CATS.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing of your recertification request.

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