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Provider Network Status Report (PNSR)

Last updated: January 10, 2012.

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About the report

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  • Expand or collapse. What is the Provider Network Status Report (PNSR) and why is it needed?

    The PNSR is a downloadable data set containing information about providers' L&I medical provider network (MPN) status. Self-insured employers (SIEs), third-party administrators (TPAs) and bill processing firms may import this report into their information management systems, to efficiently and appropriately pay bills when the new medical provider network goes into effect on January 1, 2013.

    In 2011, the Washington legislature passed a number of workers' compensation reforms in Substitute Senate Bill 5801. One of those called for the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) to create a medical provider network, wherein only network providers could provide ongoing care (beyond emergency care or the initial visit) to injured workers. Workers covered by Washington's State Fund workers' compensation program, as well as those covered by self-insured employers, will need to see network providers for ongoing care.

  • Expand or collapse. What provider types are included in the PNSR?

    Only the following provider types practicing in Washington will be required to enroll in the network at this time, so the PNSR will only contain information for these types:

    • Physicians*.
    • Osteopathic Physicians*.
    • Chiropractors.
    • Naturopathic Physicians.
    • Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons.
    • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners.
    • Physician Assistants.
    • Dentists.
    • Optometrists.

    *There are some specialties (within provider type) that will not be required to be in the network. These include:

    • Pathologists.
    • Emergency Room Providers.
    • Hospitalists.
    • Consulting Radiologists in a Hospital Radiology Dept.
    • Anesthesiologist (or CRNA not in a pain mgmt program).
  • Expand or collapse. What are the main differences between the PNSR and L&I's FindADoc online provider directory?
    Item PNSR FindADoc
    Electronic report for downloadingYesNo
    Provider network status historyYesNo
    Providers who can only treat for initial visitYesNo
    Providers who have applied, but network status is pendingYesNo
    Provider individual NPIYesYes
    L&I Provider IDYesYes
    Provider types other than the 9 currently being credentialed into network
    (e.g. out of state/country, OT, PT, hospitals, labs, etc.)
    Provider practice location addresses and contact informationNoYes
    Easy search for providers by location, type and specialtyNoYes
    Mapping and driving directions to provider practice locationNoYes
  • Expand or collapse. Where can I find L&I's FindADoc online provider directory?
  • Expand or collapse. What are the PNSR file formats?

    Identical data is available in 3 different report formats. Download the format that best meets your needs.

    • EXCEL for occasional viewing.
    • Tab-delimited and XML for importing.
  • Expand or collapse. How can self-insured employers retrieve the PNSR?

    Files are available at PNSR. Customers can manually download the files or write scripts to import them.

  • Expand or collapse. Will a special login and password be needed to access the PNSR?


  • Expand or collapse. What is the approximate file size?

    The tab-delimited and Microsoft Excel versions of the report will start out about 4MB. The XML version will be closer to 16MB. File size will grow over time, due to the inclusion of status history. If file size impedes easy downloading in the future, L&I will explore options for archiving historical information.

  • Expand or collapse. How often is the PNSR updated?

    Every day by 7 a.m.

  • Expand or collapse. Does each new PSNR include only changes since the previous report or is it a complete replacement report?

    Each PNSR extract is a complete replacement file. This lowers the risk of information gaps, should importation fail or if network status data is completely lost.

About data contained in the PNSR

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About Provider Types and Specialty Codes

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