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If you encounter problems with downloading the data, discover data issues or have other questions about the PNSR, please contact:
Cheryl D'Angelo-Gary, Medical Program Specialist, Program Analysis and Development, Health Services Analysis

If you have Self-Insurance-specific questions about the network, send us an e-mail at:

Helpful links

Read about how the medical network will affect the self-insured community (271 KB PDF).

Find out the basics about the Medical Provider Network.

Learn more about your requirements by reading the administrative rules.

Learn more about the Provider Network Status Reports (PNSR) by reading the PNSR Questions & Answers.

Help workers find a network provider at FindADoc.

Self-Insurance Medical Provider Network (MPN) communications

MPN News for the Self-Insured Community:

Medical Provider Network Updates to Self-Insurance Forms are AVAILABLE now (

Update on the Medical Provider Network and your Communication with Workers (

MPN SI Regulatory Oversight (

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