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Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System (SIEDRS)

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SIEDRS Risk Classifications
Risk Class Description Industry
0101 Excavation And Grading, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Construction.
0102 Concrete Construction Miscellaneous Construction.
0103 Drilling And Geophysical Exploration, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Construction.
0104 Dredging, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Construction.
0105 Fence Erection, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Construction.
0106 Excavation And Grading, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Construction.
0107 Underground Utility Line Const. & Pipelaying, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Construction.
0108 Sewer And Septic System Construction Miscellaneous Construction.
0109 Reinforcing Steel Installation Miscellaneous Construction.
0112 Sand And Gravel Production Including Dealers Miscellaneous Construction.
0201 Bridge, Bulkhead And Tunnel Construction Miscellaneous Construction.
0202 Pile Driving With Water Hazard Miscellaneous Construction.
0206 Commercial Concrete Const. Miscellaneous Construction.
0210 Asphalt Paving - Streets And Roads Miscellaneous Construction.
0212 Asphalt Paving, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Construction.
0214 Concrete Work - Streets And Roads Miscellaneous Construction.
0217 Concrete Work - Foundations And Sidewalks Miscellaneous Construction.
0219 Guardrails, Street Signs And Traffic Lights Installation Miscellaneous Construction.
0301 Landscape Construction And Renovation Trades.
0302 Masonry Construction Trades.
0303 Plastering, Stuccoing And Lathing: Buildings Trades.
0306 Plumbing Trades.
0307 Hvac Systems, Installation, Service And Repair Trades.
0308 Lawn Care Maintenance Trades.
0401 Cleaning Or Washing Bldg. - Extr. Miscellaneous Services.
0402 Window Cleaning Miscellaneous Services.
0403 Sign Erection Miscellaneous Construction.
0502 Floor Covering Installation Trades.
0503 Heating & Cooling Syst - Install Trades.
0504 Painting: Building And Structures - Exterior Work Building Construction.
0505 Building Construction, N.O.C. Building Construction.
0506 Building Demolition Building Construction.
0507 Roofing Work - Construction And Repair Building Construction.
0508 Structural Steel Erection - Towers, Tanks, And Cranes Miscellaneous Construction.
0509 Overhead Power And Transmission Lines Construction Miscellaneous Construction.
0510 Wood Frame Building Construction Building Construction.
0511 Glass Installation: Buildings Building Construction.
0512 Insulation Installation And Asbestos Abatement Work Building Construction.
0513 Interior Finish Carpentry Building Construction.
0514 Garage Door Installation Building Construction.
0515 Wallboard Installation Building Construction.
0516 Carpentry, N.O.C. Building Construction.
0517 Factory Built Home Set-Up By Contractor/Manufacturer Building Construction.
0518 Non Wood Frame Building Construction Building Construction.
0519 Sheet Metal Siding, Gutters And Downspout Installation Building Construction.
0520 Wallboard Taping And Texturing Trades.
0521 Painting: Buildings - Interior Work Trades.
0522 Wallboard Installation - Undiscounted Trades.
0523 Wallboard Taping/Texturing (Undisc/Sq Ft) Trades.
0524 Wallboard Installation (Disc/Sq Ft) Trades.
0525 Wallboard Tape And Texture - Discounted Trades.
0526 Wallboard Taping Discounted Trades.
0527 Wallboard Priming And Texturing - Disc Trades.
0528 Wallboard Stocking - Discounted Trades.
0529 Wallboard - Scrapping - Discounted Trades.
0530 Wallboard Installation - Undiscounted Trades.
0531 Wallboard Taping - Undiscounted Trades.
0532 Wallboard Priming And Texturing - Undisc Trades.
0533 Wallboard Stocking - Undiscounted Trades.
0534 Wallboard - Scrapping - Undiscounted Trades.
0540 Wallboard Installation - Discounted Rate Trades.
0541 Wallboard Taping - Discounted Rate Trades.
0550 Wallboard Installation - Undiscounted Rate Trades.
0551 Wallboard Taping - Undiscounted Rate Trades.
0601 Electrical Wiring: Buildings And Structures Trades.
0602 Elevator Installation, Service And Repair Trades.
0603 Machinery Installation, Service And Repair Trades.
0604 Scrap Metal Dealers And Processors Dealers And Wholesalers.
0606 Vending Machine Installation, Service And Repair Trades.
0607 Household Appliance Installation, Service And Repair Trades.
0608 Telephone And Electrical Alarm System Installation Trades.
0701 Dam Construction Miscellaneous Construction.
0803 Cities - All Other Employees, N.O.C. Government.
0804 Sand & Gravel Products Miscellaneous Construction.
0806 Irrigation Ditches Utilities And Communications.
0901 Shipbuilding Or Repair, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
0902 Shipbuilding Or Repair, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
1002 Sawmills And Automated Shake And Shingle Mills Forest Products.
1003 Pole Yards Forest Products.
1004 Log Storage Or Sorting Yards Forest Products.
1005 Shake And Shingle Mills - Non-Automated Forest Products.
1007 Grading, Inspection Bureaus/Forestry Services, N.O.C. Misc. Professional And Clerical.
1101 Parcel And Package Delivery Service Transportation And Warehousing.
1102 Trucking, N.O.C. Transportation And Warehousing.
1103 Solid Fuel, Topsoil, Firewood And Pallet Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
1104 Auto Wrecking Dealers And Wholesalers.
1105 Septic Tank Pumping And Street Sweeping Services Transportation And Warehousing.
1106 Tool Rental Stores Dealers And Wholesalers.
1108 Glass Merchants Dealers And Wholesalers.
1109 Auto Towing Services Transportation And Warehousing.
1301 Electric Power Plants Utilities And Communications.
1303 Telephone Companies - All Other Employees, N.O.C. Utilities And Communications.
1304 Telephone Companies - Office And Admin. Staff Utilities And Communications.
1305 Tv Cable Companies - All Other Employees, N.O.C. Utilities And Communications.
1401 Taxi Cab Companies Transportation And Warehousing.
1403 Ferry Boat Operation, N.O.C. Transportation And Warehousing.
1404 Cabulance And Paratransit Transportation And Warehousing.
1405 Ambulance Service Transportation And Warehousing.
1407 Bus Companies - Private Transportation And Warehousing.
1501 County And Tribal Councils-All Other Employees, N.O.C. Government.
1507 Waterworks Operations, Repair And Maintenance Utilities And Communications.
1602 Coal Mines Miscellaneous Construction.
1701 Ore Reduction Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
1702 Underground Mines Miscellaneous Construction.
1703 Surface Mines Miscellaneous Construction.
1704 Quarries Miscellaneous Construction.
1801 Lead Smelting, Rolling Mills And Metal Recovery Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
1802 Aluminum Smelting Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
1803 Rolling Mills - Steel Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
2002 Freight Handling Services Transportation And Warehousing.
2003 Leather Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
2004 Iron And Steel Merchants Dealers And Wholesalers.
2005 Plumbing Supply Dealer Dealers And Wholesalers.
2006 Oil Or Gas Well Supplies Or Equipment Dealers Second Hand Dealers And Wholesalers.
2007 Grain , Bean And Pea Elevators Or Warehouses Transportation And Warehousing.
2008 Field Bonded Warehouses Transportation And Warehousing.
2009 Lumber Yards And Building Material Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
2101 Grain, Feed And Flour Mills Food Processing And Manufacturing.
2102 Warehouses, N.O.C., Grocery Dist, & Recycle Centers Transportation And Warehousing.
2104 Fruit & Vegetable Packing - Fresh Food Processing And Manufacturing.
2105 Beer, Wine And Soft Drink Distributors Transportation And Warehousing.
2106 Fertilizer Dealer Dealers And Wholesalers.
2201 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services Miscellaneous Services.
2202 Carpet Cleaning Miscellaneous Services.
2203 Laundries - Commercial Miscellaneous Services.
2204 Laundries - Coin Operated Miscellaneous Services.
2401 Pulp And Paper Goods Manufacturing, N.O.C. Forest Products.
2903 Wood Products Manufacturing, N.O.C. Forest Products.
2904 Plywood And Veneer Manufacturing Forest Products.
2905 Furniture And Casket Manufacturing - Wood Forest Products.
2906 Pattern Or Model Manufacturing; Wood Instrument Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
2907 Cabinet And Countertop Manufacturing - Wood Forest Products.
2908 Factory Built Housing Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
2909 Woodenware Products Manufacturing Forest Products.
3101 Redi-Mix Concrete Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
3102 Rock Wool Insulation Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3103 Cement Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3104 Stone Cutting And Monument Dealers Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3105 Concrete Products Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3301 Seafood Canneries & Processors Food Processing And Manufacturing.
3302 Meat & Poultry Dealers - Whlsed Food Processing And Manufacturing.
3303 Meat, Fish And Poultry Dealers - Retail Stores.
3304 Meat, Fish And Poultry Dealers - Wholesale Food Processing And Manufacturing.
3308 Tire Vulcanizing & Recap Dealers And Wholesalers.
3309 Motorcycle Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
3401 Auto Dealers & Repair Miscellaneous Services.
3402 Machine Shops And Machinery Mfg., N.O.C. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
3403 Aircraft Manufacturing Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
3404 Metal Goods Manufacturing, N.O.C. - Under 9 Gauge Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
3405 Aircraft Parts Manufacturing, N.O.C. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
3406 Gas Stations-Full Service, Car Washes And Detailers Miscellaneous Services.
3407 Gas Or Oil Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
3408 Natural Gas Companies Utilities And Communications.
3409 Gas Stations-Self Service - No Groceries Miscellaneous Services.
3410 Convenience Grocery Store - With Self Service Gas Stores.
3411 Automobile Dealers, Rentals And Service Shops Miscellaneous Services.
3412 Automobile Body Repair Centers Repair Miscellaneous Services.
3413 Semi Truck, Bus, Farm Tractor Service Miscellaneous Services.
3414 Boat Dealers, Marinas And Boat Houses Miscellaneous Services.
3415 Factory Built Housing Dealers Miscellaneous Services.
3501 Brick Or Clay Product Manufacturing, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3503 Pottery And Glass Product Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3504 Incandescent Lamp Mfg., Electronic Tube Or Transistor Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3505 Cathedral Or Art Glass Window Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3506 Mobile Crane And Hoisting Services Miscellaneous Construction.
3507 Fountain Pen Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3508 Plastic Goods Mfg., N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3509 Statuary And Ornament Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3510 Plastic Goods Mfg., N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3511 Fiberglass Products Manufacturing, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3512 Plastic - Cutting, Bending And Milling Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3513 Rubber Goods Manufacturing N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3601 Tag, Button & Zipper Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3602 Electronic Products And Jewelry Mfg./Dental Labs Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3603 Electroplating And Detinning, N.O.C. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
3604 Galvanizing Or Tinning, N.O.C. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
3605 Truck Manufacturing Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
3606 Boat Building Or Repair N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3701 Chemical Mixing And Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3702 Breweries, Wineries And Beverage Bottling Food Processing And Manufacturing.
3703 Acid Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3706 Textile Good Manufacturing, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3707 Rubber Goods Manufacturing N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3708 Textile Good Manufacturing, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3801 Leather Goods Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3802 Garments And Handbag Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3803 Hosiery & Knit Goods Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3804 Textile Bleaching & Dyeing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3805 Cloth Printing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3806 Dressmaking Or Tailoring Stores.
3807 Dressmaking Or Tailoring Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3808 Upholstery Work, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3809 Mink Pelting Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
3901 Bakeries - Retail Stores.
3902 Fruit/Vegetable Canneries/Food Product Mfg., N.O.C. Food Processing And Manufacturing.
3903 Sugar Refining Food Processing And Manufacturing.
3904 Vegetable Oil Mfg. Food Processing And Manufacturing.
3905 Restaurants And Taverns Miscellaneous Services.
3906 Bakeries - Wholesale, N.O.C. Food Processing And Manufacturing.
3909 Catering Services Miscellaneous Services.
4002 Dairy Products Manufacturing, N.O.C. Food Processing And Manufacturing.
4101 Printing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
4102 Silverware Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
4103 Newspaper Publishing Utilities And Communications.
4104 Linotype Or Hand Composition Miscellaneous Services.
4105 Electrotyping Miscellaneous Services.
4106 Magnetic Tape Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
4107 Business Machines-Installation, Service And Repair Misc. Professional And Clerical.
4108 Mailing Services Misc. Professional And Clerical.
4109 Sign Painting - In Shop And Buildings Misc. Professional And Clerical.
4201 Port Districts Government.
4301 Meat Products Mfg./Slaughter And Packing Houses Food Processing And Manufacturing.
4302 Custom Meat Cutting Food Processing And Manufacturing.
4303 Soap Making Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
4304 Feed Lots And Stock Yards Food Processing And Manufacturing.
4305 Solid Waste Collection Services/Landfill Operations Transportation And Warehousing.
4401 Cold Storage Lockers Dealers And Wholesalers.
4402 Ice Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
4404 Cold Storage Warehouse Transportation And Warehousing.
4501 Radio Or Television - Field Employees Utilities And Communications.
4502 Radio Or Television - All Other Employees Utilities And Communications.
4503 Drive-In Theatres Miscellaneous Services.
4504 Movie And Live Theaters Miscellaneous Services.
4601 Explosives Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
4701 Combined Chemicals And Explosives Mfg. Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
4801 Geoduck Harvest By Divers Agriculture.
4802 Vegetable Farms - Machine Harvest Agriculture.
4803 Orchards Agriculture.
4804 Poultry Farms Agriculture.
4805 Nurseries Agriculture.
4806 Berry Picking Agriculture.
4807 Remodel Or Repair Personal Res Miscellaneous Construction.
4808 Diversified Field Crops Agriculture.
4809 Greenhouses Agriculture.
4810 Vegetable Farms - Hand Harvest Agriculture.
4811 Hop And Mint Farms Agriculture.
4812 Fish Hatcheries Agriculture.
4813 Vineyards Agriculture.
4900 Construction Project Or Site Superintendent/Manager Miscellaneous Construction.
4901 Consulting Engineers And Architectural Services Misc. Professional And Clerical.
4902 State Government - Office And Admin. Employees Government.
4903 Insurance Inspection Services Misc. Professional And Clerical.
4904 Clerical Office, N.O.C. Misc. Professional And Clerical.
4905 Motels And Hotels Miscellaneous Services.
4906 Colleges & Universities Schools.
4907 Inmates - Prison Industries Government.
4908 Inmates - Adult Camps Government.
4909 Inmates - Juvenile Camps Government.
4910 Property And Building Management Services Miscellaneous Services.
4911 Construction Estimator Miscellaneous Construction.
5001 Logging Operations, N.O.C. Forest Products.
5002 Log Booming And Rafting Forest Products.
5003 Log Hauling Forest Products.
5004 Forestry And Timberland Services - Manual Labor Forest Products.
5005 Mechanized Logging Forest Products.
5006 Forestry/Timberland Services - Machine Operations Forest Products.
5101 Pipe Manufacturing - Iron Or Steel Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5102 Foundries - Iron N.O.C. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5103 Foundries, N.O.C. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5104 Tool Mfg. - Hot Forming Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5105 Chain Mfg. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5106 Blacksmithing And Forging Works Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5107 Electric Motor Repair & Mfg. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5108 Cable Or Wire Rope Manufacturing Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5109 Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5201 Electric Equipment Manufacturing Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5202 Battery Mfg. Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5203 Auto Or Motorcycle Assembly Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5204 Railroad Car Manufacturing Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5205 Cable Or Wire Rope Manufacturing Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5206 Construction Or Logging Contractors - Permanent Yard Miscellaneous Construction.
5207 Bowling Centers And Skating Rinks Miscellaneous Services.
5208 Iron Works - Shop Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5209 Metal Goods Manufacturing, N.O.C. - 9 Gauge Or More Metal And Machinery Manufacturing.
5300 State Government - Admin. Field Personnel Government.
5301 Accounting, Law And Service Companies Misc. Professional And Clerical.
5302 Software Design & Engineering And Internet Service Providers Misc. Professional And Clerical.
5305 Cities - Office And Admin. Employees Government.
5306 Counties - Office And Admin. Employees Government.
5307 State Government - All Other Employees, N.O.C. Government.
5308 Community Action Organizations, Professional/Administrative/ Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6103 Schools, Churches And Day Care - Prof./Clerical Staff Schools.
6104 Schools, Churches And Day Care - All Other Staff Schools.
6105 Hospitals, N.O.C. Health Care.
6106 Hospitals, N.O.C. Health Care.
6107 Veterinary Services Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6108 Nursing Homes Health Care.
6109 Physicians & Medical Clinics Health Care.
6110 Home Health Services And Nursing Care, N.O.C. Health Care.
6120 Acute Care Hospitals With Safe Patient Handling Health Care.
6121 Acute Care Hospitals Without Safe Patient Handling Health Care.
6201 Mortuaries Miscellaneous Services.
6202 Cemeteries Miscellaneous Services.
6203 Ymca, Ywca, Boys And Girls Clubs Miscellaneous Services.
6204 Health Clubs And Exercise Facilities Miscellaneous Services.
6205 Fraternal Clubs Miscellaneous Services.
6206 Golf Courses Miscellaneous Services.
6207 Carnivals Miscellaneous Services.
6208 Amusement Parks Miscellaneous Services.
6209 Campgrounds Miscellaneous Services.
6301 Sales Personnel - Vehicles And Boats Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6302 Door To Door Sales Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6303 Sales Personnel - Outside, N.O.C. Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6304 Department Stores Stores.
6305 Clothing And Shoe Stores Stores.
6306 Furniture Stores Stores.
6307 Drug Stores - Retail Including Clerical Office Stores.
6308 Jewelry Stores Stores.
6309 Hardware, Auto Parts And Sporting Good Stores Stores.
6401 Five And Ten Cent Stores, Including Clerical Stores.
6402 Supermarkets Stores.
6403 Convenience Grocery Stores - No Gas Stores.
6404 Florists Stores.
6405 Tire Sales And Service Centers Dealers And Wholesalers.
6406 Retail Stores, N.O.C. Stores.
6407 Wholesale Stores, N.O.C. Dealers And Wholesalers.
6408 Farm Machinery Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
6409 Machinery And Machinery Dealers, N.O.C. Dealers And Wholesalers.
6410 Janitorial Supply Dealers Dealers And Wholesalers.
6501 Barbers, Beauty Salons And Tanning Parlors Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6502 Banks And Financial Institutions Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6503 Labor Unions Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6504 Charitable And Welfare Stores Stores.
6505 Welfare Special Works Programs Government.
6506 Photography Studios And Film Print Shops Stores.
6507 Private Resident - Out Servants Miscellaneous Services.
6508 Domestic Servants Miscellaneous Services.
6509 Boarding Homes And Retirement Centers Miscellaneous Services.
6510 Domestic Servants Miscellaneous Services.
6511 Chore Services Miscellaneous Services.
6512 Chore Services Miscellaneous Services.
6601 Detective Agencies Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6602 Janitorial Service Miscellaneous Services.
6603 Auction Sales Dealers And Wholesalers.
6604 Optical Goods Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
6605 Actors, Entertainers And Musicians, N.O.C. Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6606 Dance Halls, Including Clerical Office Miscellaneous Services.
6607 Card Rooms, Bingo Parlors And Recreational Centers Miscellaneous Services.
6608 Motion Picture Production Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6609 Lic Racehorse Trainers Longacres Agriculture.
6610 Lic Racehorse Trainers Playfair Agriculture.
6611 Lic Racehorse Trainers Yakima Agriculture.
6612 Lic Racehorse Trainers Bush Track Agriculture.
6613 Horse Racing, N.O.C. Agriculture.
6614 Horse Racing - Major Tracks N.O.C. Agriculture.
6615 Horse Racing - Major Tracks Grooms Agriculture.
6616 Horse Racing - Fairs, Bush Tracks Agriculture.
6617 Horse Racing - Fairs, Bush Tracks Grooms Agriculture.
6618 Horse Racing - Owners Agriculture.
6620 Entertainers & Dancers Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6622 Horse Racing - Fairs, Bush Tracks Agriculture.
6623 Horse Racing - Major Tracks N.O.C. Agriculture.
6701 Rainmaking - No Aircraft Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6702 Oil Or Gas Geologists Or Scouts Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6703 Geophysical Exploration Misc. Professional And Clerical.
6704 Parking Lot Operations Miscellaneous Services.
6705 Ski Facilities Miscellaneous Services.
6706 Ski Facilities Miscellaneous Services.
6707 Contact Sports, N.O.C. Miscellaneous Services.
6708 Auto & Boat Racing-Per Race Miscellaneous Services.
6709 Sheltered Workshops Miscellaneous Services.
6801 Scheduled Airlines - Flight Crew Transportation And Warehousing.
6802 Scheduled Airlines - Flight Crew Transportation And Warehousing.
6803 Non Scheduled Airlines - Flight Crew Transportation And Warehousing.
6804 Nonscheduled Airlines - Ground Crew Transportation And Warehousing.
6809 Baseball, Basketball & Soccer Teams Miscellaneous Services.
6901 Volunteers Government.
6902 Log Road Construction Forest Products.
6903 Aerial Spraying, Seeding And Crop Dusting Transportation And Warehousing.
6904 County And City Fire Fighters - Salaried Government.
6905 County And City Law Enforcement Officers Government.
6906 Volunteer Law Enforcement Officers Government.
6907 Moving And Storage Companies Transportation And Warehousing.
6908 Paper Products Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing.
6909 Medical And Testing Labs/Blood Banks Misc. Professional And Clerical.
7002 Doe Contract Miscellaneous Services.
7100 Exempt Limited Liability Members, N.O.C. Misc. Professional And Clerical.
7101 Executive Officers, N.O.C. Misc. Professional And Clerical.
7102 Football Teams - Nfl Miscellaneous Services.
7103 State Government - Law Enforcement Officers Government.
7104 Temporary Help - Administrative Staff Temporary Help.
7105 Temporary Help - Office Services Temporary Help.
7106 Temporary Help - Store Services Temporary Help.
7107 Temporary Help - Food Services Temporary Help.
7108 Temporary Help - Warehousing Temporary Help.
7109 Temporary Help - Tech. Services Temporary Help.
7110 Temporary Help - Field Services Temporary Help.
7111 Temporary Help -Health Care Temporary Help.
7112 Temporary Help - Agricultural Services Temporary Help.
7113 Temporary Help - Maintenance Temporary Help.
7114 Temporary Help - Assembly Temporary Help.
7115 Temporary Help - Food Processing Temporary Help.
7116 Temporary Help - Utility Work Temporary Help.
7117 Temporary Help - Machine Operation Temporary Help.
7118 Temporary Help - Construction Temporary Help.
7119 Temporary Help - Vehicle Operation Temporary Help.
7120 Temporary Help - Hazardous Waste Temporary Help.
7121 Temporary Help - Logging Temporary Help.
7122 Temporary Help - Laborers For Manufacturing Temporary Help.
7200 State Acute Health Care Facilities W/Safe Patient Handling Government.
7201 State Patient Or Health Care Personnel, N.O.C. Government.
7202 Real Estate Agencies Misc. Professional And Clerical.
7203 Community Service Workers Miscellaneous Services.
7204 Preferred Workers Miscellaneous Services.
7205 Life And Rescue Emergency Personnel Miscellaneous Services.
7301 Dairy Farms Agriculture.
7302 Livestock Farms Agriculture.
7307 Christmas Tree Farms Agriculture.
7308 Pet Grooming/Boarding Services/Animal Shelters Miscellaneous Services.
7309 Work Activity Centers Miscellaneous Services.
7400 State Acute Health Care Facilities W/O Safe Patient Handling Government.
7900 Wallboard Install - Per Sq Ft Trades.
7901 Wallboard Taping - Per Sq Ft Trades.

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