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Activity Prescription Form

What are the documentation and recordkeeping requirements?

What kind of documentation do I need to do?

  • SOAPER notes and reports are required as usual, even when the insurer requests an APF.
  • Chart notes in SOAPER format include:
    • S - Worker's subjective complaints.
    • O - Doctor's objective findings.
    • A - Doctor's assessment.
    • P - Plan.
    • E - Employment.
    • R - Restrictions.
  • If there are multiple claims for a worker, put all claim numbers on the:
    • APFs
    • Bills,
    • Chart notes and
    • Reports.
  • Send the completed APF to the insurer.

Give a copy of the APF to the worker, so they can show it to their employer.

For more information on chart note and report requirements, see pages 24-25 of the Attending Doctors' Handbook (F252-004-000).

What are the recordkeeping requirements?

Keep APFs, chart notes, reports and other information in your files for a minimum of 5 years for audit purposes.

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