Provider Education and Training

Provider training requirement

As part of the COHE contract, you must provide occupational health training to these providers. This training must be at least 30 minutes long.

The contract asks that the COHE train 80% of these providers each year, and 100% of them by the end of 2 years.

Keeping training documentation

Keeping detailed tracking of providers' training is important. Whatever method you choose to use, it should include:

  • Provider name
  • Clinic/group name
  • Provider id
  • Date enrolled
  • Date oriented (because orientation counts as training)
  • Date trained
  • Training method
  • Training content

In addition, we ask that you collect and maintain attendance and/or sign-up sheets to verify which providers were present at each training.

Education may come in a variety of forms and requires consistent COHE documentation:

Training documentation you should keep
Type of training Documentation required Where to enter it
Training offered by the COHE Copy of certification of completion. Enter it in the overall tracking sheet and the COHE Quarterly Report.

Training offered by L&I

Copy of certification of completion, or notification from L&I.
Training offered by other organizations Copy of certification of completion, a copy of the agenda.
Training where a session is devoted to occupational health topics Copy of certification of completion, a copy of the agenda.
COHE staff-led training that is not claim specific (may include performance measures) Notification from the COHE staff.

More detailed information:

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