Improving Occupational Health Care

Occupational Health Best Practices

Get an overview of how L&I is working with providers to increase use of best practices in all aspects of workers care.

Centers of Occupational Health & Education (COHE)

Learn about how these organizations mentor providers and coordinate care.

Catastrophic Care Transformation

Read about how L&I is improving care for our most seriously injured workers.

Emerging Best Practices

Read about L&I's efforts to develop new best practices in treating injured workers.

Top Tier

Read about plans for a select group of providers who will be eligible for incentives.

Exchanging Data With L&I

Find out how to exchange timely and complete treatment and claim information so that injured workers can heal and return to work as quickly and easily as possible

Functional Capacity Evaluation Project

Learn how L&I is improving the quality and timeliness of Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Medical Provider Network

Learn about our Medical Provider Network that launched in Jan. 2013.

Orthopedic and Neurological Surgeon Quality Project

Surgeons participating in this project receive incentive pay for demonstrating high quality and efficient patient care.

Physical Medicine Best Practices Project

Learn how L&I is improving the quality and timeliness of Physical Medicine Evaluations.

Surgical Best Practices Pilot

Learn about the Surgical Best Practices Pilot.

Provider Satisfaction Surveys

Learn about L&I's biennial surveys of health care providers for workers and see how we use the feedback.

Online Claim Filing

The FileFast system is streamlining claims management.

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