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Pilot rulemaking

The start date of acupuncture treatment is October 1st, 2017
Providers that have enrolled and been accepted by L&I in the pilot can begin treating on October 1st after the CR-101 is filed or as otherwise specified by L&I. During this time period, only providers that have been approved to participate in the pilot will be able to provide acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture treatment will be limited to treat low back pain related to an accepted condition on a workers’ compensation claim.

The acupuncture pilot will last for at least one year, but may continue for up to two years so that sufficient data is gathered to assess and evaluate the provision of acupuncture treatment within the workers' compensation setting

During the course of the acupuncture pilot, L&I will look at pilot metrics, data, and experiences.
The CR-102 will be filed when there is sufficient data collected to assess and evaluate the provision of acupuncture treatment within the workers’ compensation setting. After the CR-102 is filed only providers that are participating in the pilot can provide acupuncture services.

The CR-103 adopts the final changes to the affected rules and is usually effective 31 days after the filing date. Once the CR-103 is filed and effective any providers that meet the criteria in the resulting rule, coverage decision and/or payment policy can provide acupuncture treatment.

If the pilot continues past the effective date of the CR-103, providers that participated in the pilot may choose to continue to provide acupuncture treatment under the pilot coverage criteria, including pilot requirements for data collection, or they may choose to provide acupuncture treatment under the criteria adopted in the CR-103, if different.

When the pilot ends, any qualified provider that wants to provide acupuncture treatment to injured workers must comply with all of the criteria detailed in the resulting rule, coverage decision and/or payment policy.




Acupuncture Pilot Information

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Acupuncture Pilot Rulemaking

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Billing and Payment questions

Provider Hotline: 1-800-848-0811

General Information for Providers in Medical Aid Rules and Fee Schedule

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