MedX lumbar extension machine

Coverage decision

L&I covers MedX when used to strengthen extensor muscles for the treatment of low back pain. MedX is also covered when used in diagnosing patient strength and ROM. Proper documentation and billing codes should be submitted when requesting MedX.

The MedX lumbar extension machine is intended to address low back pain by developing spinal muscle strength through a stabilization system that isolates specifc muscle groups. Published evidence suggests that MedX may help to increase lumbar muscle strength. However, studies do not clearly show MedX's efficacy over other exercise programs.

The MedX may be used as a diagnostic tool to measure voluntary isometric torque of the lumbar extensor muscles at seven positions through a 72° ROM. One study also shows that MedX measurements are correlated to measurements from liquid inclinometers.

PDF icon MedX Lumbar Extension Machine technology assessment (145 KB PDF).

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