Interpreter Services

Finding an Interpreter

Interpreting for an injured worker or a crime victim is covered by L&I and does not require prior authorization. The doctor or vocational provider can determine if the patient needs communication assistance.

L&I does not pay for interpretation for making appointments or for legal purposes.

Face-to-face interpretation

Find a face-to-face interpreter using our interpreter look-up service.

Over-the-phone interpretation services

How over-the-phone interpretation works

  • No authorization required on open claims. Check claim status prior to ordering over-the-phone interpretive services.
  • Available for direct contact. Health-care or vocational providers can use over-the-phone interpretive services for direct contact (face-to-face) with workers or crime victims.

Choose from two private vendors

Health-care providers, both in and out of state, can request services using the following toll-free lines:

State Fund claim

Self-Insurance claim

Crime Victims claim

Benefits of over-the-phone interpretation

  • Access to rare languages - over 180 languages available.
  • Real-time access to a more comprehensive network of interpreters.
  • No scheduled appointment is necessary.
  • Interpreters available on the phone within 30-60 seconds.

If you have questions, please contact Cecilia Maskell,, or call 360-902-5161.

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