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In the Provider News for February 2013:

It’s official: the first-ever L&I Medical Provider Network is “live”

  • Janet Peterson, manager, L&I Health Services Analysis program and the network project

Response to L&I’s network recruitment has been wonderful. Many thanks to all of the providers who took the time to complete the forms and waited patiently as we worked through the challenges of this major transition.  By the time we launched on January 1, a robust network was in place. We now have more than 11,500 providers in the network and are approving more each week.  We greatly appreciate your participation in the network and the work that you do treating injured workers.

As of January 1, providers who did not apply to the network can only treat injured workers for the initial visit when their accident report is first filed. For 2013, this applies to physicians, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, podiatric physicians, physician assistants, dentists, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and optometrists. Other provider types are not required to apply to the network in this first year and can continue to treat injured workers as usual.
Provisional enrollment

We are still working through the large volume of applications received.  If you submitted a complete application prior to January 1, we have notified your patients that they can continue to see you while we finish reviewing and verifying your credentials.  We apologize for these delays and assure you that staff are working through the remaining applications as quickly as possible. Remember that you can check your network application status any time on the L&I web site.

If you haven’t applied yet

You can still apply at There’s no cap on network enrollment.  We will continue to accept applications and approve providers who meet requirements.

How to bill self-insured employers for interest on late medical payments

Effective February 27, 2013, providers will have a new billing code for use when charging interest on bills for medical treatment that self-insured employers paid late or underpaid.
When billing for interest, be sure to use both of the following:

Self-insured employers are required to pay interest on proper medical bills that are paid late based on the following standard:

  • More than 60 days past the date they received the proper bill.


  • More than 60 days past the date of claim allowance if the self-insured employer or their claim administrator received the proper bill before the claim was allowed.

How we've improved our pre-authorization process

Under workers’ compensation insurance, medical providers must get authorization before providing certain medical treatments.  L&I’s pre-authorization process is critical for making sure that only necessary medical services are provided, but it has not been an easy process. Here’s an update on how we’re improving.

Is pre-authorization required?

To quickly find out if a service requires preauthorization — and who at L&I can authorize it — use one of the following tools:

We’ve improved claim manager authorizations because you asked!

You now have the option of using a Preauthorization Request for Medical Services form.  If you prefer, you can continue to request authorizations by phone, secure e-mail, chart notes, Activity Prescription Form and/or by fax.

L&I developed the new form in response to providers’ concerns about delays with pre-authorization requests. During a 9-month pilot, the new form reduced our average response time from 14 business days to 2 business days. The form alerts the claim manager and gives them all the information needed to act on the request.

Have an urgent request related to an authorization?

Please call the claim manager. 

Don't know how to contact the claim manager?

  • Call the Interactive Voice Response Message System at 800-831-5227 to get the name and phone number of the claim manager on a particular claim.
  • Call 360-902-6767 and your call will be forwarded to the appropriate claim manager.

For more information, see our Authorizations page.

When billing L&I, use your NPI number to help speed up payment

To ensure prompt payment when billing the Department of Labor and Industries or Self Insured Employer, please provide your rendering NPI (National Provider Identification) number in field 24J.  Your NPI must have been included on your provider application or be registered with L&I.

Medical providers see benefits to filing Report of Accident (ROA) electronically

A growing number of medical providers throughout Washington state are filing the Report of Accident (ROA) online — and they're telling us they can see how filing online helps their practices by speeding up claim confirmation and care for their patients. 

FileFast can speed claims receipt by 5 days over paper filing of the ROA when medical providers and injured workers complete the forms electronically. 

Did you know that you can get paid an additional $10 for each ROA that you file online?

Check out this video to see how staff at Swedish and Harborview medical centers in Seattle are benefiting from online filing.

Benefiting from Online Filing

For more information on FileFast, go to

Encourage your injured worker patients to file claims online

Help your patients speed L&I processing of their claims — encourage them to file online at

Order FREE patient information cards (postcards and wallet cards) to put in your exam rooms so that workers will understand the basics about online claim filing. 

Patient Information Cards

Are unwanted L&I courtesy copies bogging you down? An eCorrespondence option for claims documents is on its way!

By early May 2013, L&I expects to offer all of its customers the option to receive most claim-related L&I correspondence and legal orders electronically – a move to reduce paperwork hassles for providers and employers in Washington.

How will eCorrespondence work?
You will be given the option to choose either electronic or paper-mail delivery of your claims-related documents.  If you have new correspondence, you will receive an email each working day containing a link to your eCorrespondence inbox. 

How will I be able to identify what’s in my incoming mail?  
Your eCorrespondence inbox will display information about each document, including the topic of the document, whether it’s a courtesy copy, and if action is requested. You will be able to sort and filter your mail in a variety of ways.

How will L&I let me know this service is available to me?
We will have announcements on our website, on the back of every all claims-related envelope you receive, and printed on some of the correspondence you receive. At that time, you will be able to sign up for eCorrespondence through Secure Access Washington by “adding a new service.”  Your service will begin the day after you sign up.

What can I do now to get ready for eCorrespondence?

  1. Talk with your administrative staff about how to take advantage of the time savings eCorrespondence should create for you.
  2. Decide who in your organization will be the main administrator for your eCorrespondence account.  This person will be in charge of signing up other employees to access the system.
  3. You will be able to save your correspondence to your desktop for transfer to your own correspondence system. So you might want to begin thinking about how your processes could change.   

Are there any documents L&I still must send through the US Postal Service?
Yes. The law still requires L&I to send orders that communicate claim closure and any correspondence that requires special handling by mail in its “paper” form.

What about customers who like getting paper correspondence?
They won’t have to do a thing. They’ll simply continue to receive their correspondence in paper form.

Will eCorrespondence save money?

Yes. To meet its legal notification requirements in paper form, L&I estimates that in 2009 alone, it spent $1 million in postage, handling and paper for courtesy copies sent to health care providers alone. We expect our providers will be saving money and time as well.


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