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Provider Newsletter - Archive

Provider News

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Previous Provider News editions:

  • August 2013
    • L&I announces selection of 6 Centers of Occupational Health and Education
    • Update on the Medical Provider Network
    • Go paperless with our new eCorrespondence option
    • 7 popular tools for doing business with us online
    • L&I uses Provider Survey results to identify areas for improvement
    • Activity Coaching builds confidence and motivation
    • Provider billing workshops will include Self-Insurance topics.
  • June 2013
    • Ready, set: L&I's new opioid guideline is effective July 1, 2013
    • L&I's FindaDoc application receives award
    • Update on L&I's Stay at Work program
  • May 2013
    • L&I's new opioid guideline — how will you track improvements?
    • Ever treat foreign workers? Remember these 2 tips
    • Medical network rules now apply to self-insured employers
    • Billing workshops start in July
    • Need to know about authorization requirements or drug coverage?
  • April 2013
    • L&I's new opioid guideline includes a state-of the-art section on managing surgical pain
    • New opioid rules comment period extended to April 26 at 12 p.m.
    • Network providers a tip for billing self-insurers
    • Beware of phishing attempts
    • We're looking for consultants for file reviews on open claims
    • Register for a webinar on online filing and Stay at Work
  • March 2013
    • A new treatment guideline for prescribing opioids will become effective July 1, 2013
    • Consultants wanted for file reviews on open claims
    • L&I launches new ad campaign to promote return to work
    • Learn how to make 2 new L&I programs work for you - participate in a webinar
    • Get results on underpaid Self-Insurance medical bills!
    • 3 things you should know to avoid problems when billing Medicare and workers' comp
    • eCorrespondence is coming soon! Are you getting ready?
  • February 2013
    • It's official: the first-ever L&I Medical Provider Network is "live"
    • How to bill self-insured employers for interest on late medical payments
    • How we've improved our pre-authorization process
    • When billing L&I, use your NPI number to help speed up payment
    • Medical providers see benefits to filing Report of Accident (ROA) electronically
    • Encourage your injured worker patients to file claims online
    • Are unwanted L&I courtesy copies bogging you down? An eCorrespondence option for claims documents is on its way!
  • October 2012
    • Injured workers notified of provider network status
    • Countdown: the statewide workers' compensation network begins in 10 weeks
    • Register for a webinar on the network
    • Check out L&I's new online provider directory
    • Request transfers of care online
    • Changes to the Report of Accident
    • Activity coaching is expanding statewide
    • Learn how to sponsor a COHE — attend a public meeting
    • Filing workers' comp accident reports online pays
    • Changes in coverage of spinal injections
    • Work Works: Washington Stay at Work aims to get injured workers back on the job
  • July 2012
    • Activity coaching can help patients struggling with pain and fear
    • Reduce paper! Provider's Initial Report (PIR) available in Word
    • For Self-Insured claims, use the L&I Claim Number
  • May 2012
    • E-correspondence launching in 2013
    • Don't understand what happened with your bill?
    • Did you know that you can charge for missed appointments - if you have a written policy?
  • April 2012
    • L&I has increased enforcement related to under-payment or non-payment of medical bills by self-insured employers
    • Find out about prior authorization requirements - and who to contact - through the fee-schedule look-up tool
    • Getting retrospective authorization for medical services
    • Disagree with an L&I code edit for a professional service? Request a review
    • New COHE tool kit now available online
    • Treating foreign workers on the federal H-2A program: Two tips for fast-track treatment
  • February 2012
    • Applications for the medical provider network are now being accepted
    • MARFS Payment Policies Manual is now easier to use
    • IME providers: Check out the new scheduling option for exams
    • Expanding the Centers of Occupational Health and Education (COHE)
  • January 2012
    • A message from L&I Director Judy Schurke on the new Stay at Work Program
    • Provider network rules for participation are now finalized
    • Four COHEs begin pilot of new occupational-health best practices for backs
    • A new study documents that investing in occupational health "best practices" improves outcomes for injured workers
    • FileFast online claim filing is expanding to Eastern Washington
    • Structured Settlement: A new option for injured workers
    • Need an interpreter? Use telephonic interpreting for fast access
  • December 2011
    • Getting ready for L&I’s new statewide medical network in 2013
    • Draft network standards are available for public comment until Dec 16
    • Expanding the Centers of Occupational Health and Education
    • A new Stay at Work program, but no new provider paperwork
    • Getting an electronic adjustment on your previously processed bill
    • Late ROAs will reduce your fee in 2012 (State Fund)

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