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Note: L&I does not have a system for reprinting or retrieving certificates. We recommend that you print multiple copies of your certificate for your records or save it electronically.

This library of quick reference videos and publications provides busy clinicians with 24/7 information on-demand. Free CME credits are available to anyone for successful completion of these online CME activities. All are welcome to receive CME credit for this activity, including those who are outside of Washington state and outside of the United States.

L&I Publications

L&I Online videos

Expand/collapse General instructions for an optimum experience — Please Read Carefully:

You will not be able to interact with the speaker or exercises. To facilitate learning during a video, please write down your answers to polls and test questions, and then compare your responses to those discussed in the presentation.

  1. Close as many windows as possible on your desktop. It is best not to have more than 2 or 3 windows open when viewing this recording. If you are stalled for some reason, try minimizing your windows to see if there is a dialog box with further instructions.
  2. Click on the links for each video.
  3. Following the instructions (enter your name, e-mail, etc., then click “Register Now”.)
  4. When you click on “View Recorded Webinar” your computer will launch a program for viewing video.
    • On many PCs, the default program will be Windows Media Player.
    • On Mac computers, the default program may be QuickTime.
  5. Make sure your audio is turned on and the volume is turned up. You may listen to audio through speakers on your computer or through a headset.
  6. Allow a few moments for “buffering”, then click the “Play” button. (When “buffering” reaches approximately 3 or 5%, it will probably be ready to play.)
  7. IMPORTANT NOTE: For best results and the sharpest video image, please be sure to view these recordings in “FULL SCREEN mode by hitting the ESCAPE key.
    • If your computer uses Windows Media Player, you may enter FULL SCREEN mode by holding down the ALT key on your keyboard and simultaneously hitting the ENTER key (ALT-ENTER).
    • At any point, you may exit FULL SCREEN mode by hitting the ESCAPE key.
    • When you move your hands away from the keyboard and mouse for 2 seconds, the video will appear in FULL SCREEN and the navigation bars at the top and bottom of the screen will disappear. Any movement of the mouse will cause the navigation bars to reappear.
  8. Pause, as needed, to read or take notes.
    • Do this by hitting the radio button that has two, vertical parallel lines. After this, a solid arrow will appear on the same button. Hit it when you want to restart the video.

Expand/collapse Spinal Impairment Rating

NOTE: The Medical Examiners' Handbook is no longer available in hard copy. It is online only. Please print a copy if you need one.


A. Overview, Billing and Documentation (2 hours Category 1 CME)

B. Lumbar Spine (2 hours Category 1 CME)

C. Cervical Spine (2 hours Category 1 CME)

Expand/collapse Opioids - 4 hour Category 1 CME

The information on opioids is offered as additional CME opportunities and resources from an external source (AMDG).

Opioid Dosing Guideline for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain CME Activity. Self assessment is worth 4 hours of Category 1 CME credits.

Additional resources:


Videos and other Tools (CME credits not available)

L&I Online webinar, videos, and educational tutorials

  • HSA Webinar for Hospitals and ER's — "What Emergency Departments need to know about L&I's new Provider Network."
  • Doctors play a key role in return to work — A three-minute video on helping injured workers' return to their jobs as soon as medically possible; an occupational medicine physician explains.
  • Accessing Medical Claim Files from the State Fund — The medical claim file is now available to authorized IME examiners on our secure Claim & Account Center (CAC) system. When and IME is scheduled the claim and IME provider number are used by the claim manager to grant temporary access to the file. Once the IME report or addendum is received, access is revoked.

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