Medical Aid Rules - WAC 296-23

Radiology, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, pathology, hospital, chiropractic, physical therapy, drugless therapeutics and nursing -- Drugless therapeutics, etc.

WAC Sections

296-23-135 General information--Radiology
296-23-140 Custody of x rays
296-23-145 Duplication of x rays and extra views
296-23-155 Pathology general information and instructions
296-23-160 General information and instructions
296-23-165 Miscellaneous services and appliances
296-23-180 Vehicle and home modification
296-23-195 Chiropractic consultations
296-23-205 General instructions -- Naturopathic physicians
296-23-215 Office visits and special services -- Naturopathic physicians
296-23-220 Physical therapy rules
296-23-230 Occupational therapy rules
296-23-235 Work hardening
296-23-240 Licensed nursing rules
296-23-241 Can advanced registered nurse practitioners independently perform the functions of an attending physician?
296-23-245 Licensed nursing billing instructions
296-23-246 Attendant services
296-23-250 Massage therapy rules
296-23-302 Definitions.
296-23-307 Why are independent medical examinations requested?
296-23-312 Can a provider conduct independent medical examinations (IMEs) for the department or self-insurer without an active IME provider number from the department?
296-23-317 What qualifications must a provider meet to receive an independent medical examination (IME) provider number?
296-23-322 What boards are recognized by the department for independent medical examination (IME) provider approval?
296-23-327 What other factors may the department's medical director consider in approving or disapproving an application for an independent medical examination (IME) provider number?
296-23-332 What are the requirements for notifying the department or self-insurer if an independent medical examination (IME) provider has a change in status?
296-23-337 What factors does the department's medical director consider in suspending or terminating an independent medical examination (IME) provider number?
296-23-342 Are providers entitled to referrals from the department or self-insurer?
296-23-347 What are the independent medical examination (IME) provider's responsibilities in an examination?
296-23-352 Must the independent medical examination (IME) provider address job analyses (JAs) at the request of the department or self-insurer?
296-23-357 May an independent medical examination (IME) provider offer to provide ongoing treatment to the worker?
296-23-362 May a worker bring someone with them to an independent medical examination (IME)?
296-23-367 May the worker videotape or audiotape the independent medical examination?
296-23-372 Can a worker file a complaint about a provider's conduct during an independent medical examination?
296-23-377 If an independent medical examination (IME) provider is asked to do an impairment rating examination only, what information must be included in the report?
296-23-381 What rating systems are used for determining an inpairment rating conducted by an independent medical examination (IME) provider?
296-23-382 What information must be included in an independent medical examination (IME) report?
296-23-387 What are the responsibilities of an independent medical examination (IME) provider regarding testimony?
296-23-392 Is there a fee schedule for independent medical examinations?

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