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Industrial insurance

Chapter 296-14 WAC

  • 296-14
  • 296-14, 296-15, 296-20
  • Chapters 296-14 and 296-20 WAC


Claim Resolution Structured Settlement Agreements

Chapter 296-14A WAC

  • Claim Resolution Structured Settlement Agreements - Emergency Rules


Workers' compensation self-insurance rules and regulations

Chapter 296-15 WAC

  • 296-15
  • Continuing Education
  • Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Rules and Regulations


General reporting rules, classifications, audit and recordkeeping, rates and rating system for Washington workers' compensation insurance

Chapter 296-17 WAC

  • 2014 Workers' Compensation Premium Rates
  • General reporting rules.
  • Multiple Classifications
  • Product Demonstrators


Classifications for Washington Workers' Compensation Insurance

Chapter 296-17A WAC

  • Classification for Land Surveyors
  • Horse Racing Industry - Emergency Rule


Retrospective Rating for Workers' Compensation Insurance

Chapter 296-17B WAC

  • Retrospective Rating
  • Retrospective Rating for Workers' Compensation (adjustments)
  • Retrospective Rating for Workers' Compensation (Petitions)


Medical Aid Rules

Chapter 296-20 WAC

  • Drug Rules
  • Emergency Rule - Medical Provider Network (Provider Application Process)
  • Medical Aid Conversion Factors, Physical Therapy Rules, and Occupational Therapy Rules
  • Medical Aid Rules


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