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If you have questions about … Contact
Option 2 Option 2 Helpline: 360-902-9135
Job modification, pre-job accommodation and work hardening 360-902-4480
Provider performance measurement 360-902-4854
Private Sector Rehabilitation Services (PSRS) Private Sector Rehabilitation Services
Dept of Labor & Industries
PO Box 44326
Olympia WA 98504-44326

Phone: 360-902-5447
Fax: 360-902-6706
Vocational provider registration Customer service specialist
Vocational Services Website 360-902-6362
Vocational Technical Stakeholder Group 360-902-5447
Vocational Dispute Resolution Office (VDRO) Vocational Dispute Resolution Office
Dept of Labor & Industries
7273 Linderson Way SW
PO Box 44880
Olympia WA 98504-4880

Phone: 360-902-6930
Fax: 360-902-9100
VocLink Connect Web customer support 360-902-5999

Preferred Worker Program Regional Contacts
Name Contact
Steve Edwards 1-800-845-2634

Self-insurance for Vocational Rehabilitation Contacts
Name Assignment Phone
Mardi Sarjent Unit I & S 360-902-6913.

Vocational Services Specialists Supervisor
Name Direct Reports Phone
Kristine Ostler Lea Insua, Kent Powell, Corinna Triance, Debbie Williams, TaNisha Jones. 360-902-5456
Melissa Sutherland Fernando Herron, Matthew Perkins, Carie Pickett, Jeff Sharp, Regina Wilson. 360-902-4479
Lara Drabek Keo Lewis, Ilana Lehmann, LaTrisha Gallegos, Samantha Carter. 360-902-6203

Vocational Services Specialists Coverage Plan
Name Units Phone
Fernando Herron U, W, 3 360-902-6685.
Ilana Lehmann H 360-902-4673.
Kent Powell K, M, X 360-902-4610.
Keo Lewis D, O, Z 360-902-6461.
Debbie Williams A, B, 9 360-902-5855.
LaTrisha Gallegos R, Y, 7 360-902-5622.
Corinna Triance G, 4, 6 360-902-6109.
Matthew Perkins L, 8 360-902-5519.
Lea Insua C, E 360-902-5030.
Carie Pickett N, P 360-902-6603.
Regina Wilson J, 1 360-902-4922.
Samantha Carter no unit assigned 360-902-5526.
Jeff Sharp no unit assigned 360-902-4855.
TaNisha Jones

no unit assigned 360-902-6328.
Dana Avedovech T 206-515-2817.
Norma Martinez 5 509-454-3780.


Regional WorkSource Staff
Name WorkSource Office Email
Michelle Lapointe, VSS
WorkSource Skagit Co.
Erin McPhee, VSS
WorkSource King Co.
Gillian Fox, VSS
WorkSource Pierce Co.
Jean Edwards, VSS
WorkSource Thurston Co.
Michelle Bishop, VSS
WorkSource Kennewick
Ellen Nagourney, VSS
WorkSource Spokane


Re-employment Specialist (RES)
Name WorkSource Office Phone

Mike Freer

Statewide, including Everett


Beth Rokstad

Statewide, including Everett


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