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If you have questions about … Contact
Option 2 Option 2 Helpline: 360-902-9135
Job modification, pre-job accommodation and work hardening 360-902-4480
Provider performance measurement 360-902-4854
Private Sector Rehabilitation Services (PSRS) Private Sector Rehabilitation Services
Dept of Labor & Industries
PO Box 44326
Olympia WA 98504-44326

Phone: 360-902-5447
Fax: 360-902-6706
Vocational provider registration Customer service specialist
Vocational Services Website 360-902-6362
Vocational Technical Stakeholder Group 360-902-5447
Vocational Dispute Resolution Office (VDRO) Vocational Dispute Resolution Office
Dept of Labor & Industries
7273 Linderson Way SW
PO Box 44880
Olympia WA 98504-4880

Phone: 360-902-6930
Fax: 360-902-9100
VocLink Connect Web customer support 360-902-5999

Preferred Worker Program Regional Contacts
Name Contact
Steve Edwards 1-800-845-2634

Self-insurance for Vocational Rehabilitation Contacts
Name Assignment Phone
Mardi Sarjent Unit I & S 360-902-6913.

Vocational Services Specialists Supervisor
Name Direct Reports Phone
Kristine Ostler Lea Insua, Kent Powell, Corinna Triance, Debbie Williams, TaNisha Jones. 360-902-5456
Melissa Sutherland Fernando Herron, Matthew Perkins, Carie Pickett, Jeff Sharp, Regina Wilson. 360-902-4479
Lara Drabek Keo Lewis, Ilana Lehmann, LaTrisha Gallegos, Samantha Carter. 360-902-6203

Vocational Services Specialists Coverage Plan
Name Units Phone
Fernando Herron U, W 360-902-6685.
Ilana Lehmann H 360-902-4673.
Kent Powell K, X 360-902-4610.
Keo Lewis D, O, Z 360-902-6461.
Debbie Williams A, 3, 9 360-902-5855.
LaTrisha Gallegos R, Y, 7 360-902-5622.
Corinna Triance G, 4, 6 360-902-6109.
Matthew Perkins B, L, 8 360-902-5519.
Lea Insua C, E 360-902-5030.
Carie Pickett N, P 360-902-6603.
Regina Wilson J, 1 360-902-4922.
Samantha Carter M 360-902-5526.
Jeff Sharp no unit assigned 360-902-4855.
TaNisha Jones

no unit assigned 360-902-6328.
Dana Avedovech T 206-515-2817.
Norma Martinez 5 509-454-3780.


Regional WorkSource Staff
Name WorkSource Office Email
Michelle Lapointe, VSS
FAX 360-428-3742
WorkSource Skagit Co.
Erin McPhee, VSS
FAX 253-333-4901
WorkSource King Co.
Gillian Fox, VSS
FAX 253-596-3881
WorkSource Pierce Co.
Jean Edwards, VSS
FAX 360-704-6443
WorkSource Thurston Co.
Michelle Bishop, VSS
FAX 509-734-5957
WorkSource Kennewick
Ellen Nagourney, VSS
FAX 509-532-3070
WorkSource Spokane


Re-employment Specialist (RES)
Name WorkSource Office Phone

Mike Freer

Statewide, including Everett


Beth Rokstad

Statewide, including Everett


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