Vocational Dispute Resolution Office (VDRO)

The VDRO's primary duty is to review vocational disputes on the director's behalf. The director makes final decisions based on those recommendations.

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Contact VDRO

Vocational Dispute Resolution Office
Dept of Labor & Industries
7273 Linderson Way SW
PO Box 44880
Olympia, WA 98504-4880.

Phone: 360-902-6930.
Fax: 360-902-6770.

Laws & Rules

RCW 51.32.095 (7) (www.leg.wa.gov)
Gives the VDRO statutory authority to review vocational disputes

WAC 296-19A-410 (www.leg.wa.gov)
What is the purpose of the department's vocational dispute process?

WAC 296-19A-420 (www.leg.wa.gov)
Who can dispute a vocational determination?

WAC 296-19A-430 (www.leg.wa.gov)
Can a vocational provider dispute a vocational determination?

WAC 296-19A-440 (www.leg.wa.gov)
What elements of a vocational determination may be disputed?

WAC 296-19A-450 (www.leg.wa.gov)
What are the time frames for filing a dispute of a vocational determination with the department?

WAC 296-19A-460 (www.leg.wa.gov)
What part of the department is charged with reviewing vocational disputes?

WAC 296-19A-470 (www.leg.wa.gov)
What is the process for review of a vocational dispute?

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