Potential Performance Indicators

Vocational performance assessment system

Alphabetical list of potential indicators for a profile

Audit results
These audits are conducted by L&I vocational specialists who review vocational reports and determine if they meet legal requirements.
Complaints submitted to L&I about vocational work. Every complaint filed is evaluated by L&I vocational specialists.
Cost of services
Show billing patterns of vocational providers.
Credentials from a professional vocational association (such as CRC, CDMS, etc).
Customer surveys
Obtain specific feedback from people who have worked with a vocational provider.
Dispute results
If there is a dispute, L&I vocational specialists review the vocational work and determine if it can be upheld.
Duration of referrals
Show patterns of how long it takes to complete referrals (from receipt of a referral to a final recommendation from the provider).
Educational degrees
Educational degrees attained by a vocational provider.
Eligible recommendations approved
The measurement would be limited to referrals reviewed by an L&I vocational specialist in the Assessment (AWA) phase.
Fee caps exceeded
Show patterns of billing where vocational provider exceeds the maximum allowable amount.
Location where vocational counselor has their home office.
Phone number
Phone number where a vocational provider can be easily reached.
Return to work in Early Intervention
Measurement would be limited to referrals during the Early Intervention phase.
Specialized knowledge, skills, or abilities
Specialized knowledge, skills, or abilities of a vocational counselor (such as language certification, experience with an industry, etc).
Timeliness of monthly progress reports
Vocational providers are required to submit a progress report every 30 days.
Training plans successfully completed
Measurement would be limited to referrals in the Plan Implementation phase.
Training plans approved
Measurement would be limited to referrals reviewed by an L&I vocational specialist in the Plan Development phase.
Years of experience
Years of experience in Washington state workers' compensation system.

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