Phase 2 of a New Performance Assessment System

New indicators of vocational performance

The department is moving forward with six Proposed Indicators for Phase 2 of the new vocational performance assessment system. These indicators include: training plans approved first time, eligible recommendations approved first time, progress reports received by due date, dispute results, complaint findings and Percent Useful Outcomes. The intent is to provide a small set of valid indicators of the quality and effectiveness of vocational providers in the State Fund. This new vocational assessment system is designed to recognize, attract and retain vocational counselors who consistently deliver high quality and effective services for injured workers and employers.

Process for identifying these six potential indicators

This set of six proposed indicators was derived after considering feedback (714 KB PDF / 2 min) from over 400 hundred people from 10 different stakeholders groups including business, labor, the vocational community and claim managers. Via focus groups and an on-line survey, stakeholders evaluated 18 potential indicators by rating the potential usefulness and providing over 300 pages of comments. In addition, a technical team studied data availability and estimated costs for obtaining and displaying each of the 18 potential indicators.

Independent review

Prior to implementation, this set of six proposed indicators will undergo an independent review to ensure that the process and methods for collecting and displaying them are based on sound statistical methodology. The department is currently working with stakeholders to define the scope and elements to include in this review. After the department receives the results of the independent review, it will then finalize the indicators that will be used for the Profile.

Displaying the new indicators

For each provider, the Profile will display the set of performance indicators. An indicator may be displayed as either a number, percentage, text (e.g. "CRC"), a flag (e.g. "Yes/No"), or some other method. The department will NOT attempt to combine different factors into a single number.

Using the new indicators

To select providers, a referral source would choose one of the indicators most relevant to their claim and then view a list of eligible providers sorted by this element. Provider information about the other five indicators will also be available to the referral source when considering providers for a vocational referral.


Phase 2 is expected to be completed in the fall of 2010 to allow time for the independent review and necessary computer programming. Every effort will be made to educate providers about indicators before data collection begins. Data collection periods may vary depending upon unique issues of particular indicators and depending upon recommendations from the independent review.

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