Continuous Improvement

L&I has worked closely with stakeholders to develop the Vocational Profile. It is designed to:

  • Reflect aspects of quality and effectiveness of vocational services.
  • Monitor provider performance.
  • Make referrals based on the criteria.

What's next

  • The Implementation Advisory Group identifies current or potential issues and recommends strategies for addressing them. Members include private sector vocational rehabilitation counselors (VRC) and department staff (August 2010 through March 2011).
  • Prioritize and conduct studies recommended in the independent study according to need and available resources.
  • Evaluate and continuously improve the system. On-going.

Training videos about Vocational Profiles.


  • Implemented the Vocational Profile. September 25, 2010.
  • Educated internal and external stakeholders about the Vocational Profile. In-person training was provided and training videos were posted on the internet. September 2010.
  • Conducted independent review of proposed indicators to ensure they are based on sound statistical methodology. Copies of the study are available upon request. May 2010.
  • Proposed indicators for a Profile. November 2009.
  • Published the 2009 Stakeholder Feedback Report (714 KB PDF / 2 min) with comments and ratings regarding 18 potential indicators - November 2009.
  • Proposed indicators for the Phase 2 "Profile" of vocational performance - October 2009. These indicators will be reviewed by an independent third party prior to implementation.
  • Listed 18 Potential Performance Indicators for a "Profile." L&I will consider stakeholder feedback about these indicators and select a small set of performance indicators for the Profile.
  • Implemented measure of percent useful outcomes - October 2008.
  • Retired previous measure of Complexity Adjusted Cost Outcome (CACO) - October 2008.
  • Established Criteria and Values (43 KB PDF) for the quality and effectiveness of vocational services and values of the measurement system.
  • Proposed Methods for Assessing Quality (MAQ) (119 KB PDF) of vocational performance - November 2007.
  • Launched MAQ teams (48 KB PDF) to explore possible methods for assessing vocational performance - August 2007.
  • Published the 2007 Stakeholder Feedback Report summarizing extensive outreach efforts about desired performance of vocational providers and important values of a measurement system - July 2007.

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