What are the requirements to provide vocational services to Washington injured workers?

Individuals and/or firms who want to provide vocational services to Washington injured workers must do the following:

To whom do these vocational provider qualifications apply?

These requirements apply to individuals and firms working as vocational providers who do the following:

  • Provide service to injured workers covered by State Fund or self-insured employers.
  • Work in other settings, such as pain clinics or hospitals.
  • Work both in-state and out of state.

What is the difference between a payee provider and a service delivery provider?

A payee provider is the entity that receives payment for services performed (that is, an individual or firm). The payee is responsible for tax issues related to these payments. L&I sends payment information, by each taxpayer identification number, to the IRS.

A service delivery provider is the individual practitioner. A service delivery provider must submit a separate application for each payee provider with whom they are associated.

How many applications must be completed?

  • Firms complete 1 vocational provider application.
  • Individuals complete an application for each firm they are associated with.

For example, if you work for 3 firms, submit 3 applications to get 3 provider numbers.

What constitutes a change in status?

Leaving a firm, a change of address, or obtaining a credential are examples of a change in status. Let L&I know of these changes by submitting the following:

Changes are effective when L&I notifies the applicant by letter of their new status.

For more information

  • WAC 296-19A-210 (app.leg.wa.gov): What are the qualifications to provide vocational rehabilitation services to industrially injured or ill workers?
  • WAC 296-19A-220 (app.leg.wa.gov): Can a vocational rehabilitation provider deliver vocational rehabilitation services pursuant to RCW 51.32.095 (app.leg.wa.gov) without receiving a provider number from L&I?

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