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Agency Requested FAS Inspection Application  F622-090-000 (English)
Agreement of Assumption and Guarantee of Workers' Compensation Liabilities - Application of Certification  F207-040-000 (English)
Application / Renewal for an Electrical Training Certificate  F626-048-000 (English)
Application for a 0% Supervision Modified Electrical Training Certificate & Specialty Examination  F500-097-000 (English)
Application for Accreditation Cranes/Derricks and other Material Handling Devices  F416-063-000 (English)
Application for Accreditation of Engineer to Approve Industrial Utilization Equipment  F500-101-000 (English)
Application for Agent On-Line Insurance Entry Account  F625-110-000 (English)
Application for Amusement Ride Inspector Certification  F500-065-000 (English)
Application for Amusement Ride or Air Supported Structure Operating Permit  F500-010-000 (English)
Application for an Explosives License (Company)  F447-030-000 (English)
Application for an Explosives License - Individual  F447-015-000 (English)
Application for Apprenticeship  F100-033-000 (English)
Application for Backflow Specialty Exam  F627-035-000 (English)
Application for Backflow Trainee Certificate  F627-033-000 (English)
Application for Benefits - Homicide Claims  F800-120-000 (English)
 F800-120-999 (Spanish)
Application for Certificate of Competency as an Inspector of Pressure Retaining Items  F620-040-000 (English)
Application for Charter Boat Operators License  F416-034-000 (English)
Application for Construction Contractor Registration  F625-001-000 (English)
Application for Copies of Citation and Notice  F418-023-000 (English)
Application for Elective Coverage - Sole Proprietor, Partners, For-Profit Corporate Officers, or Member/Managers of Limited Liability Company (LLC)  F213-042-000 (English)
Application for Elective Coverage of Excluded Employments  F213-112-000 (English)
Application for Electrical Contractors License  F500-018-000 (English)
Application for Electrician Examination  F626-001-000 (English)
Application for Exclusion/Inclusion - Mandatory Coverage (Family Farm)  F213-113-000 (English)
Application for Farm Internship  F700-158-000 (English)
Application for Farm Labor Contractor License  F700-014-000 (English)
Application for Group Membership & Authorization for Release of Insurance Data  F250-016-000 (English)
Application for Group Retrospective Rating  F250-004-000 (English)
Application for House to House Sales Sales Employer Registration Certificiate  F700-121-000 (English)
Application for Inclusion on List of Eligible Attorneys  F249-017-000 (English)
Application for Insignia Conversion Vendor/Medical Units  F623-021-000 (English)
Application for Insignia for Commercial Coaches  F623-019-000 (English)
Application for Insignia for Factory Assembled Structures  F623-014-000 (English)
Application for Licensure as an Elevator Mechanic  F621-067-000 (English)
Application for Limited Elective Coverage for Licensed Pony Riders  F250-026-000 (English)
Application for Loss of Earning Power (LEP) - Compensation Medical  F242-208-000 (English)
Application for Loss of Earning Power Compensation Medical  F242-208-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-208-999 (Spanish)
Application for Loss of Earning Power Vocational  F242-209-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-209-999 (Spanish)
Application for Manufactured Home Installer Certification Renewal  F622-085-000 (English)
Application for Manufactured Home Installer Training and Certification  F622-086-000 (English)
Application for Master Electrician Certification Examination  F500-088-000 (English)
Application for out of State Supplemental Reporting  F212-234-000 (English)
Application for Permit to Operate Radio System in Designated Area  F416-087-000 (English)
Application for Plumber Examination, Reciprocal, Medical Gas Endorsement, or Temporary Permit  F627-008-000 (English)
Application for Plumber Trainee Certificate  F627-003-000 (English)
Application for Pump Installer Combination General Contractor Registration and Electrical Contractor License  F500-104-000 (English)
Application for Replacement of Lost or Stolen Asbestos Certification Card  F413-068-000 (English)
Application for Self-Insurance Certification  F207-001-000 (English)
Application for Special Certificate to Employ A Vocationally Handicapped Worker at at Subprevailing Wage Rate  F700-122-000 (English)
Application for Specialty Electrician Certificate  F500-098-000 (English)
Application for State Plan Insignia for Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Park Trailers  F622-021-000 (English)
Application for Structured Settlement  F240-002-000 (English)
 F240-002-999 (Spanish)
Application for Telecommunications Contractor's License  F503-008-000 (English)
Application to Access L&I's Electrical Permit and Inspection System (EPIS) from SecureAccess Washington and Utilize Contractor Deposit Account via the Internet  F500-055-000 (English)
Application to Employ Student/Learner/Apprentice at a Subminimum Wage  F700-183-000 (English)
Application to Employ Workers with a Disability at a Subminimum Wage  F700-182-000 (English)
Application to Establish an Account and Access to L&I's Electrical Permit & Inspection System (EPIS) with L&I's Miscellaneous Accounts  F500-054-000 (English)
Application to Establish an Factory Assembled Structure Deposit Account with the Dept. of Labor and Industries  F120-116-000 (English)
Application to Reopen Claim Due to Worsening Condition  F242-079-000 (English)
Application to Reopen Claim due to Worsening Condition  F242-079-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-079-999 (Spanish)
Application to Reopen Crime Victim Claim Due to Worsening of Condition  F800-031-000 (English)
 F800-031-999 (Spanish)
Application to Utilize Contractor Deposit (CD) Account  F621-094-000 (English)
Application for Loss of Earning Power (LEP) - Vocational  F242-209-000 (English)
Asbestos Contractor - New Application for Certification  F413-007-000 (English)
Asbestos Contractor Application for Certification - Renewal  F413-079-000 (English)
Beneficiary Application for Claim Benefits  F242-056-000 (English)
 F242-056-999 (Spanish)
Construction Contractor's Application for Workers' Compensation Account with No Workers or Hours  F625-077-000 (English)
Construction Elevator Installation Application and Inspection Data Report  F621-001-000 (English)
Contractor Electrical Work Permit Application  F500-093-000 (English)
Crime Victims' Application for Benefits - Injury Claims  F800-042-000 (English)
 F800-042-999 (Spanish)
Electrical Education Course Application  F500-068-000 (English)
Electrical Education Instructor Application  F500-090-000 (English)
Electrical Installation Variance Application  F500-063-000 (English)
Elevator Continuing Education Course Application  F621-077-000 (English)
Elevator Continuing Education Provider / Instructor Application  F621-078-000 (English)
Elevator Installation Variance Application  F621-048-000 (English)
Elevator Permit Application  F621-005-000 (English)
Farm Labor Contractor Application/Renewal Packet  F700-170-000 (English)
IME Provider Renewal Application  F245-435-000 (English)
Job Modification Assistance Application  F245-346-000 (English)
 F245-346-999 (Spanish)
L&I Chiropractic Consultant Application  F245-393-000 (English)
Labor and Industries Facility Use Application and Agreement for Government Agencies  F120-097-000 (English)
Manufactured/Mobile Home Permit Application  F622-036-000 (English)
Master Business Application  BLSF-700-028 (English)
Master Level Counselor Provider Account Application for Crime Victims  F800-053-000 (English)
Network Provider Application Packet  F245-447-000 (English)
Non-Accredited or Unlicensed Training Provider Application Supplemental Requirements  F280-045-000 (English)
Option 2 Vocational Benefits Training Enrollment Application  F280-024-909 (English/Spanish)
Option 2 Vocational Benefits Training Enrollment Application and Verification  F280-024-000 (English)
Out of Country Provider Application  F248-361-000 (English)
 F248-361-999 (Spanish)
Plumber Continuing Education Course Application  F627-037-000 (English)
Pre-Job Accommodation Assistance Application  F245-350-000 (English)
Preferred Worker Continuous Employment Incentive Application for Employers  F280-065-000 (English)
Preferred Worker Expense Reimbursement - Application for Employers (Tools & Clothing)  F280-058-000 (English)
Preferred Worker Wage Reimbursement Application for Employers  F280-059-000 (English)
Property Owner Electrical Work Permit Application  F500-094-000 (English)
Provider Account Application  F248-011-000 (English)
Provider Account Application - Independent Medical Examiner (IME)  F245-046-000 (English)
Self Insurance Continuing Education Sponsor/Instructor Application for Course Approval  F207-192-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Continuing Education Application for Course Approval and Attendance  F207-206-000 (English)
Stay at Work Expense Reimbursement Application for Employers Tools, Clothing, Training.  F243-003-000 (English)
Stay at Work Wage Reimbursement Application for Employers  F243-001-000 (English)
Variance Application - Employment Standards  F700-089-000 (English)
Variance Application - Industrial Safety and Health  F414-157-000 (English)
Variance Application - Minor Work  F700-076-000 (English)
Variance Application - Seasonal Group Minor Work  F700-135-000 (English)
Variance Application - Theatrical Minor Work  F700-186-000 (English)
Variance Application - Student Learner Exemption Minor Work  F700-166-000 (English)
Vocational Provider Application  F252-088-000 (English)
Vocational Technical Stakeholder Group (VTSG) Application  F280-049-000 (English)
Washington Practitioner Application  F245-411-000 (English)
WISHA 10 for Agriculture Workers - Class Host Application  F417-264-000 (English)

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