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Title Number / Language
A Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses  F207-085-000 (English)
 F207-085-999 (Spanish)
Affidavit for Time Loss Compensation Benefits  F242-395-000 (English)
 F242-395-999 (Spanish)
Agreement of Assumption and Guarantee of Workers' Compensation Liabilities (Certified Self-Insurer)  F207-040-001 (English)
Agreement of Assumption and Guarantee of Workers' Compensation Liabilities - Application of Certification  F207-040-000 (English)
Alleged Safety Or Health Hazards (DOSH Complaint Form)  F418-052-214 (Cambodian)
 F418-052-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F418-052-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F418-052-000 (English)
 F418-052-255 (Korean)
 F418-052-294 (Russian)
 F418-052-303 (Somali)
 F418-052-999 (Spanish)
 F418-052-319 (Vietnamese)
Application for an Explosives License (Company)  F447-030-000 (English)
Application for Certificate of Competency as an Inspector of Pressure Retaining Items  F620-040-000 (English)
Application for Elective Coverage - Sole Proprietor, Partners, For-Profit Corporate Officers, or Member/Managers of Limited Liability Company (LLC)  F213-042-000 (English)
Application for Loss of Earning Power (LEP) - Compensation Medical  F242-208-201 (Amharic)
 F242-208-203 (Arabic)
 F242-208-211 (Bosnian)
 F242-208-213 (Burmese)
 F242-208-214 (Cambodian)
 F242-208-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F242-208-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F242-208-223 (Croatian)
 F242-208-000 (English)
 F242-208-233 (Farsi/Persian)
 F242-208-232 (French)
 F242-208-255 (Hindi)
 F242-208-255 (Korean)
 F242-208-261 (Laotian)
 F242-208-272 (Marshallese)
 F242-208-274 (Mien)
 F242-208-280 (Nepali/Nepalese)
 F242-208-283 (Oromo/Afaan Oromo)
 F242-208-290 (Portuguese)
 F242-208-291 (Punjabi/Panjabi)
 F242-208-294 (Russian)
 F242-208-297 (Samoan)
 F242-208-303 (Somali)
 F242-208-305 (Swahili)
 F242-208-307 (Tagalog/Filipino)
 F242-208-310 (Thai)
 F242-208-312 (Tigrinya/Tigrigna)
 F242-208-316 (Ukrainian)
 F242-208-317 (Urdu)
 F242-208-319 (Vietnamese)
Application for Loss of Earning Power Compensation Medical  F242-208-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-208-999 (Spanish)
Apprenticeship Complaint (Not for Apprenticeship Appeals)  F100-505-000 (English)
Avoid Liability for Your Subcontractor's Unpaid Workers' Comp Premiums  F262-262-000 (English)
 F262-262-999 (Spanish)
Billing Guidelines for Sexual Assault Examinations: Crime Victims Compensation Program  F800-100-000 (English)
Cancellation of Elective Coverage - Sole Proprietors/Partner, Member of Limited Liability Company (LLC), Member of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or For-Profit Corporate Officers  F213-004-000 (English)
Claim Suppression Complaint  F262-024-214 (Cambodian)
 F262-024-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F262-024-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F262-024-000 (English)
 F262-024-255 (Korean)
 F262-024-294 (Russian)
 F262-024-303 (Somali)
 F262-024-999 (Spanish)
 F262-024-319 (Vietnamese)
Comparing Career Pathways  F100-531-000 (English)
Competent Person Evaluation - Excavation & Trenching  F417-104-000 (English)
Competent Person Evaluation - Fall Restraint & Fall Arrest  F417-102-000 (English)
Complete Stay at Work Guide for Employers, The  F243-005-000 (English)
Computer Workstation Checklist  F417-274-000 (English)
Computing Worker Hours  F214-014-000 (English)
Construction Contractor's Application for Workers' Compensation Account with No Workers or Hours  F625-077-000 (English)
Contractor Complaint Form  F625-033-000 (English)
Crime Victim Compensation Program Sexual Assault Exam Report  F800-098-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Physical Abuse/Neglect Exam Report  F800-121-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Initial Response and Assessment: Form I  F800-080-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Initial Response and Assessment: Form II  F800-081-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Progress Note: Form III  F800-082-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Termination Report: Form VI  F800-085-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Treatment Report: Form IV  F800-083-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Treatment Report: Form V  F800-084-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Subacute Opioid Request Form  F800-119-000 (English)
Crime Victims' Statement for Compound Prescription  F800-067-000 (English)
Department of Employment Security Tax Compliance Certification  F700-099-000 (English)
Department of Revenue Tax Compliance Certification  F700-100-000 (English)
Employers' Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance in Washington State  F101-002-000 (English)
 F101-002-999 (Spanish)
Equal Pay Opportunity Act Complaint  F700-200-000 (English)
Explosives License - Change of Responsible Person (Company)  F447-032-000 (English)
Farm Internship Project Complaint Form  F700-172-000 (English)
Farm Labor Contractor Complaint Form  F700-109-000 (English)
 F700-109-999 (Spanish)
Helping Providers Understand the Crime Victims Compensation Program  F800-102-000 (English)
How Social Security Benefits May Reduce Your Workers' Compensation Payments  F242-427-000 (English)
 F242-427-999 (Spanish)
Independent Contractor or Covered Worker? - Your rights to workers' compensation, minimum wage and overtime  F212-250-000 (English)
 F212-250-999 (Spanish)
Industrial Insurance Discrimination Complaint Form  F262-009-214 (Cambodian)
 F262-009-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F262-009-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F262-009-000 (English)
 F262-009-255 (Korean)
 F262-009-294 (Russian)
 F262-009-303 (Somali)
 F262-009-999 (Spanish)
 F262-009-319 (Vietnamese)
Instructions for completing the Workers' Compensation Employer's Quarterly Report  F212-239-000 (English)
Interested Party Checklist for the Filing of Prevailing Wage Complaints  F700-129-000 (English)
Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Certification  F700-098-000 (English)
Journey Level Wage Rate from which apprentices' wages rates are computed.  F100-050-000 (English)
L&I Workers' Compensation: We're Here for You  F242-429-000 (English)
 F242-429-999 (Spanish)
Limited Liability Companies (LLC)  F214-021-000 (English)
New/Update Elevator Company Primary Point of Contact  F621-086-000 (English)
Non-Compliance Report - Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection  F620-012-000 (English)
Notice of Completion of Public Works Contract  F215-038-000 (English)
Occupational Disease Claims in Workers' Compensation  F252-117-000 (English)
Office Ergonomics: Computer Workstation and Mobile Computing  F417-275-000 (English)
Pension and Survivor Benefits in Washington State's Workers' Compensation Program  F242-352-909 (English/Spanish)
Pharmacy Companion Guide  F245-400-000 (English)
Preauthorization Request for Services for State Fund Workers' Compensation Patients  F242-397-000 (English)
Prevailing Wage Complaint and Instructions  F700-146-214 (Cambodian)
 F700-146-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F700-146-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F700-146-000 (English)
 F700-146-255 (Korean)
 F700-146-294 (Russian)
 F700-146-303 (Somali)
 F700-146-999 (Spanish)
 F700-146-319 (Vietnamese)
Protected Leave Complaint  F700-144-214 (Cambodian)
 F700-144-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F700-144-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F700-144-000 (English)
 F700-144-255 (Korean)
 F700-144-294 (Russian)
 F700-144-303 (Somali)
 F700-144-999 (Spanish)
 F700-144-319 (Vietnamese)
Provider Change Form for Crime Victims Compensation  F800-089-000 (English)
QuickFile: Workers' Compensation Quarterly Report Filing Made Easy!  F212-244-000 (English)
Retaliation Complaint Form (Minimum Wage Act & Paid Sick Leave)  F700-199-214 (Cambodian)
 F700-199-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F700-199-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F700-199-000 (English)
 F700-199-255 (Korean)
 F700-199-294 (Russian)
 F700-199-303 (Somali)
 F700-199-999 (Spanish)
 F700-199-319 (Vietnamese)
Safety and Health Discrimination Complaint  F416-011-214 (Cambodian)
 F416-011-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F416-011-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F416-011-000 (English)
 F416-011-255 (Korean)
 F416-011-294 (Russian)
 F416-011-303 (Somali)
 F416-011-999 (Spanish)
 F416-011-319 (Vietnamese)
Self Insurance Continuing Education Report of Course Completion  F207-191-000 (English)
Statement for Compound Prescription  F245-010-000 (English)
Student Volunteers and Workers' Compensation Coverage  F213-023-000 (English)
Temporary Services Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance  F213-019-000 (English)
Wage Transcription and Computation Sheet  F700-024-000 (English)
Washington Workers Insured Out-of-State: Employer's Supplemental Quarterly Report for Workers' Compensation  F212-233-000 (English)
Worker Rights Complaint Form  F700-148-214 (Cambodian)
 F700-148-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F700-148-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F700-148-000 (English)
 F700-148-255 (Korean)
 F700-148-294 (Russian)
 F700-148-303 (Somali)
 F700-148-999 (Spanish)
 F700-148-319 (Vietnamese)
Workers' Comp Fraud Hurts YOU  F262-279-000 (English)
Workers' Compensation Benefits: A Guide for Injured Workers  F242-104-000 (English)
 F242-104-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Coverage for Wineries  F212-249-000 (English)
Workers' Compensation Discrimination  F262-249-909 (English/Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Employer's Quarterly Report  F212-055-000 (English)
Workers' Compensation Filing Information  F207-155-000 (English)
 F207-155-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Record Keeping and Reporting Guides  F212-222-000 (English)
 F212-222-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Requirements for the Marijuana Industry  F242-415-000 (English)
Your Independent Medical Exam (IME): Crime Victims Compensation Program  F800-115-000 (English)
Your Workers' Compensation Rate Notice - SAMPLE ONLY  F225-004-000 (English)

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