Order Self Insurer Accident Report (SIF-2) Form

You now have 2 options for ordering SIF-2s. You may order:

  • The paper forms as usual (in bundles of 100), with the claim numbers pre-printed on them,
  • Claim numbers (in bundles of 100), for use with our Microsoft Word® version of the SIF-2. This option requires that you do all of the following:
    • Keep track of the claim numbers assigned to you.
    • Key in a unique claim number (from those assigned to you) in the top right hand corner of the Word® form for each new claim.
    • Use electronic signatures OR print and sign.
    • Send the completed SIF-2 to the Department by faxing to 360-902-6900 or by postal mail.
    • Provide to the worker an electronic or printed copy of A Guide to Industrial Insurance Benefits for Employees of Self-insured Businesses (Form F207-085-000 6/2010 version)

Note: Only self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators can order SIF-2 forms.

Order Self Insurer Accident Report (F207-002-000) Forms
Order Self Insurer Accident Report Forms (F207-002-000)
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