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Workers' compensation self-insurance rules and regulations

Chapter 296-15, WAC

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Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Rules and Regulations (WAC Chapter 296-15)

At the request of members of the self-insured employer community, Labor & Industries has agreed to change the existing method of self-insured claim data reporting. Instead of the current internally developed Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System (SIEDRS), which is unique to Washington, we are proposing that self-insurers submit claim data using an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with national standards established by the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions. Existing rules govern the requirements for data submittal to SIEDRS. These rules must be modified in order to establish the reporting requirements for this EDI method of data submittal.745.


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

Self-Insurance Option 2 Benefits (Chapter 296-15 WAC)

Rulemaking is needed to modify an existing rule to conform to the provisions of Chapter 137, Laws of 2015 (SHB 1496). The proposed rulemaking will allow a longer period of time for workers who are eligible for vocational retraining to decline further vocational services and instead select vocational Option 2 benefits.739.


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

Self-Insurance Penalty for Delay of Medical Benefits (Section 296-15-266 WAC - Penalties)

The Self-insurance Section within the Department of Labor and Industries is amending Section 296-15-266 WAC. The amendments define the circumstances under which the department will consider assessing a penalty for an unreasonable delay of benefits, and the process of this penalty request.693.


PDF: Adoption (Rule-Making Order CR-103)

PDF: Adopted Rule Language


Public Hearing


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Public Hearing


PDF: Proposed Rulemaking (CR 102)

PDF: Supplemental Proposed Rulemaking (CR 102)

PDF: Proposed Rule Language

PDF: Proposed Rule Language Supplement

PDF: Small Business Economic Impact Statement (SBEIS)


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

Self-Insurance Housekeeping (Chapter 296-15 WAC)

Currently, Chapter 296-15 WAC contains several errors, including referencing other sections which were repealed in other rulemaking and incorrect form numbers. Also, legislative changes now conflict with some current rules. Modifications will be made to ensure compliance with statute. We will also modify rules per current agency standards, replacing all references to “physician” with “provider”.531.


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

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