Boards and Commissions

Updated October 2015

Washington State Apprenticeship & Training Council (WSATC)

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
Leslie Jones Public 05-23-13 05-23-16
Dave D'Hondt Business 10-20-13 10-20-16
Lee Newgent, Vice Chair Labor 10-17-13 10-20-16
Patrick Perez Labor 10-15-14 10-15-17
Ed Kommers, Chair Business 10-15-14 10-15-17
Jeff Johnson Labor 10-16-12 10-15-15
Corey Cassell Business 10-15-13 10-15-15
Eleni Papadakis Ex Officio    
Dale Peineke Ex Officio    
Marty Brown Ex Officio    
William Kober Ex Officio    

Board of Boiler Rules

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
Rob Olson, Chair Manufacturers 10-01-07 08-22-15
Jeff Waytashek, PE Owner/Users 05-12-14 08-22-17
Terry Chapin Boilermakers/Operators 08-24-12 08-22-16
Larry Trenda, PE Mechanical Engineers 10-01-07 08-22-15
Jeff Barners Insurance Companies 08-26-14 08-22-18

Advisory Board of Plumbers

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
John Tapani Journeyman Plumber 07-15-13 07-01-16
Steve Menne, Chair Journeyman Plumber 12-21-06 07-01-15
Dave Weisbeck Public Member 11-05-09 07-01-15
Linda Houser Plumbing Business 07-01-11 07-01-14
Mike Brewer Well Driller 07-01-12 07-01-15
Evan Conklin Plumbing Business 07-01-12 07-01-15
Dave Wickum Well Driller 07-01-12 07-01-15

Electrical Board

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
Bobby Gray Electrical Contractor 08-26-14 07-07-15
Don Baker Electrical Contractor 07-08-11 07-07-15
Dennis Townsend Telecom Utility Rep 07-08-12 07-07-16
David Cornwall Manufacturer Rep 07-08-11 07-07-15
Janet Lewis Electrician 03-03-11 07-07-14
Rodney Belisle Electrician 07-08-11 07-07-15
John Brickey Local Jurisdiction 07-08-12 07-07-16
Kevin Schmidt Telecommunication Contractor 08-26-14 07-07-18
Mike Nord Telecommunication Worker 07-08-13 07-07-17
Dylan Cunningham Engineer 07-08-13 07-07-17
David Ward Electrical Utility Rep 05-14-14 07-07-16
Randy Scott General Public Member 08-26-14 07-07-18
Tracy Prezeau Electrician 07-08-13 07-07-17
Alice Phillips Outside Line Worker 07-08-13 07-07-17
Dominic Burke Electrical Contractor 07-08-13 07-07-17
Stephen D. Thornton Chief Electrical Inspector

Elevator Safety Advisory Committee

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
Lyall Wohlschlager Owner-Contractor 07-01-11 06-30-15
Jack Day Chief Elevator Inspector, State of Washington 07-01-11 06-30-15
David Gault Director of Engineering 07-01-11 06-30-15
Robert McNeill District Manager 07-01-11 06-30-15
Bryan Wheeler Northwest District Manager 07-01-11 06-30-15
Skip Buntin Chief Elevator Inspector, City of Seattle 05-21-13 06-30-17
David Spafford City of Seattle 07-01-11 06-30-15
Daniel Munn DLR Group Senior Principal 07-01-11 06-30-15
Keith Becker Operations Manager 07-01-11 06-30-15
Jerry Whited Northwest Grain Growers 07-01-11 06-30-15
Charlie Val EIWPF National Coordinator 05-20-13 06-30-17
Swen Larson International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 19 07-01-11 06-30-15

Factory Assembled Structures Advisory Board

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
Don Carlson Home Owners 02-01-12 02-01-16
Joan Brown, Vice Chair Industry 08-19-03 07-01-16
Laurian Dobrota Industry 08-01-12 08-01-16
Michael Szramek Allied Professional 08-19-03 02-01-16
Kenneth Spencer Consumer 01-18-05 02-01-16
Mike Lubliner Consumer 06-09-08 07-01-12
LG Nelson Allied Professional 08-17-12 08-17-16
Gary Stoskopf Industry 02-01-12 02-02-16

Prevailing Wage Advisory Committee (PWAC)

Members Affiliation
Ginger Eagle Awarding Agency
Allison Hellberg Awarding Agency
Denys Tak Awarding Agency
Bruce Chattin Business
Kathleen Garrity Business
Jerry Vanderwood Business
Monty Anderson Labor
Lee Newgent Labor
Josh Swanson Labor

WISHA Advisory Committee

Members Affiliation Term End
Joe Kendo Labor 06-30-16
David Threedy Non-voting member  
Tammie Hetrick Business 06-30-16
Claude Golden Business 06-30-15
Lee Newgent Labor 06-30-18
Mike Fallon Business 06-30-18
Sharon Ness Labor 06-30-18
Ed Wood, Jr. Labor 06-30-16
Pamela Tabert Business 06-30-17
Anne Soiza, Chair Public  

Self Insurance Curriculum Review Committee

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
Kathryn N. Potvin, Putnam Lieb Labor 08-01-14 07-31-16
Viona Latschaw, Project Help Labor 08-01-15 07-31-17
Debby Parker, Washington State Hospital Assoc Business 08-01-14 07-31-16
Debbie Summers, Penser North America Business 08-01-15 07-31-17
Cindy Lord** Public    
Melinda Bonson** Public    
**Not all public representatives attend each meeting.

Insolvency Trust Board

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
Matt Saxon, REI Business 03-31-13 03-31-15
Vaughn Mowery, Safeway Inc. Business 03-31-13 03-31-15
Joe Kendo, Legislative & Policy Director Labor 03-31-14 03-31-16
Russ Keefer, Trios Health Business 03-31-14 03-31-16
Jim Nylander, Self-Insurance Program Manager Public    
Brian Schmidlkofer, Compliance Operations Manager Public    

Workers' Compensation Advisory Committee

Members Affiliation Term Start Term End
Joel Sacks, L&I Public    
Vickie Kennedy, L&I Public    
David Threedy, Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Public 03-01-10 Present
Mike Roozen, Washington Bulb Company Business 09-11-14 07-31-17
Sheri Sundstrom, Hoffman Corporation Business 01-01-14 12-13-17
Nancy Dicus, Vigilant – Counsel for Employers Business 12-01-07 9-30-17
Bob Battles, Association of Washington Business Business 08-05-14 07-31-17
Joe Kendo, WA State Labor Council, AFL-CIO Labor 09-17-14 09-30-17
Karen Gude, United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 1439 Labor 05-01-07 4-30-16
Lee Newgent, Labor Council Labor 12-18-14 12-31-17
Karen Bowman, Washington State Nurses Assoc. Labor 10-17-14 09-30-17

Industrial Insurance Chiropractic Advisory Committee (IICAC)

Members Affiliation Term End
Robert Baker, DC Public 02-15-16
Clay Bartness, DC Public 02-15-15
Linda DeGroot, DC Public 02-18-16
Michael Dowling, DC Public 02-15-17
Lissa Grannis, DC Public 02-15-17
J.F. Lawhead, DC Public 02-15-17
William Pratt, DC Public 02-15-15
Michael Neely, DC Public 12-14-15
Ron Wilcox, DC Public 02-19-16

Industrial Insurance Medical Advisory Committee (IIMAC)

Members Affiliation Term End
Ruth Bishop, DO Public 10-31-15
Gregory Carter, MD Public 10-31-16
Gregory Gutke, MD Public 10-31-15
Kirk Harmon, MD Public 10-31-14
Robert G.R. Lang, MD Public 10-31-15
Linda Seaman, MD Public 10-31-15
Stephen Thielke, MD Public 01-23-16
David Tauben, MD Public 10-31-16
Andrew Friedman, MD Public 10-31-16
G. Robert Waring, MD Public 10-31-16
Diana Chamblin, MD Public 10-31-16
Christopher Howe, MD Public 10-13-15
Karen Nilson, MD Public 10-13-15
Gregory Zoltani, MD Public 10-31-14

Advisory Committee on Healthcare Innovation and Evaluation

Industrial Insurance Medical Advisory Committee
Dianna Chamblin, MD
Andrew Friedman, MD
Robert Waring, MD
Alternate: Kirk Harmon, MD
Industrial Insurance Chiropractic Advisory Committee
Clay Bartness, DC
Ron Wilcox, DC
Alternate: Mike Dowling, DC
Rebecca Forrestor, Group Health Cooperative
John Meier, Employer Resources Northwest
Lisa Vivian, Eberle Vivian, Inc.
Sofia Aragon, JD, RN, Wa State Nurses Association
Dave Myers, Washington Building and Trades Council
Teri Rideout, Attorney
Alternate: Joe Kendo, WA State Labor Council


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