Searching and applying for jobs at L&I

Do I need an account to search for jobs?

No. You can search for jobs at any time without creating an account or logging in. Also, you can search for jobs at other Washington state agencies. You will need an account in order to apply for jobs.

Is there a way to search for job announcements that were posted since my last log in?

No, there’s not a way to search for jobs with that search criteria. However, we suggest you visit the Most Recent Announcements option. You might also want to Subscribe to Job Alerts for email notification of new job(s) that matches your identified area of interest.

What if I don’t see an area of interest category for claims management jobs?

At this time, the category doesn’t exist in the system, but will in the near future. Check the job board frequently for these type of jobs.

How do I view all job announcements?

Click on Apply Search at the bottom of the job search page, without selecting search categories, and all jobs are displayed.

How can I narrow my job search according to my preferences?

Specific jobs can be displayed by Category, Department, Location, and/or Keywords:

  • Select your criteria, click Apply Search
  • To clear search criteria, click Clear Search, located under the Search Criteria box, then click Apply Search
  • You can also search for all criteria by clicking Select All Categories then clicking on Apply Search

I don’t see a job vacancy that I am interested in. Can the system notify me when a particular job is posted?


  1. Go to Subscribe to Job Alerts
  2. Select check boxes for job categories you’re interested in, or click Select All Categories
  3. Complete your personal information
  4. Click Submit Request

You’ll be notified by email when a job is announced that matches your area of interest.

How do I apply for a job opening?

Click on Apply button at top of the job announcement. Follow application instructions in the announcement to ensure your materials are submitted correctly.

Do I have to apply to each job separately or is there a way to select more than one job at a time?

You must apply for each job separately because requirements and/or questions associated with each job will differ. However, once your application is complete and submitted, it’s stored in the system and can be used to apply for other jobs.

How many jobs can I apply for?

Apply for as many jobs as you like; however to be competitive you must meet the qualifications and experience described in the announcement.

How do I know if I am qualified for a job?

Compare your qualifications to those identified under the Description tab on the job announcement.

I started applying for a job, but I had to save and come back later. How do I finish applying?

To finish applying:

  1. Log into your application (with your username and password)
  2. In the "Jobs You're Currently Applying For" section, click on job title you were working on
  3. Complete the remainder of the application and submit

When I apply for a job, the same Agency-Wide Questions appear.  Do I have to respond to these questions every time I apply?

After you’ve answered these questions, click the Populate at the top of the Agency-Wide Questions to automatically populate these fields in the future. Verify your responses and click Save & Proceed.

I did not receive an email confirmation that my on-line application was received. Why not?

Verify that you’ve entered your email address correctly on your application and that you’re able to receive emails. If you have spam blockers, email may have been received as junk mail. Add www.Government to your safe senders list.

What happens after I apply for a job announcement?

You’ll receive a confirmation email immediately. Applicants that are the best match for the job will be contacted to continue in the process.

If I apply for a job vacancy and need to submit documentation with my application, what do I do?

  1. Click Add Attachment(s) in the Attachments section of your employment application
  2. Name your attachment in the File Description box
  3. Click the Browse button next to File to retrieve a file from your computer or disk drive
  4. Click Upload

Do not include social security number, birthdate, drivers’ license, or personal photograph on any attachments

Do I need to complete every field on the online application?

Not necessarily. Follow the instructions on the job announcement for which you are applying.

What are supplemental questions and how do I submit my answers to these?

These questions are used to gather job-related information about you, your education and/or work history and are used to assess your knowledge, skills and abilities as related to the job.

If an L&I job announcement has closed, and I need to attach documentation to an application that I’ve already submitted, what do I do?

If you need to attach a document to your application AFTER it’s submitted you’ll need to contact a Staffing Consultant at or 360-902-5700

What if I have additional questions?

If you have questions concerning a job you’ve applied for at L&I, contact a Staffing Consultant at or 360-902-5700

  • Prior to any new appointment into L&I, a background check, including criminal record history, will be conducted.
  • Employees driving on state business must have a valid driver’s license. Employees driving a privately owned vehicle on state business must have liability insurance on the privately-owned vehicle.
  • As a condition of employment the successful candidate accepting union covered job will be required to comply with the Union Security clause contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the State of Washington and the Washington Federation of State Employees or the Coalition.

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