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Contact the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries for information about agency programs and services in your language at 1-800-547-8367.

Once you are on the phone, please hold a moment while we call an interpreter to help us. You may learn more about our programs and services listed below and obtain translated documents. This service is free.

If you have requested and not received services in your preferred language, please call (855) 682-0778. Once we receive your complaint, we will review or investigate it.

Our staff can help you understand:

For Workers

  • Workers’ compensation claims and time loss payments.
  • How to find a doctor.
  • Break and meal period requirements.
  • Minimum wage and overtime pay.
  • How to file a workers’ rights complaint.
  • Workplace safety requirements and how to file a workplace safety complaint.
  • How to file a complaint if you have been retaliated against for exercising your right to a safe and healthy workplace.
  • How to file a complaint if your employer retaliates against you for a workplace injury.
  • For other types of discrimination complaints, contact the Human Rights Commission at 1-800-233-3247.

For Business

  • What to do if your employees are injured.
  • How to request a safety and health consultation.
  • How to file a quarterly report.
  • Safety training materials.
  • Permits and inspections.
  • L&I business requirements.
  • Information for small business owners.

For Crime Victims

If you are the victim of a violent crime, the Crime Victims Compensation Program may be able to help. Please call 800-762-3716 and hold a moment while we call an interpreter to help us.

Language Policy and Agreements

Language Access Services Policy
L&I/USDOJ Memorandum of Agreement

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