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General, printing, and exporting questions

  • Expand or collapse. Why is it an overnight process to gather my data?

    To avoid slowdowns on L&I's computer system, we gather your data, copy it and store it separately. This takes time, but allows you to freely create reports and use the calculator without causing any system slowdowns.

  • Expand or collapse. Why is my data only available for 7 days?

    This time limit also helps L&I keep our computer system functioning well. Because we don't have unlimited capacity, we will store your data for 7 days before clearing it. If you return to the reports or calculator before 7 days goes by, the system will automatically refresh the data for you and allow you another 7 days to create reports and use the calculator.

  • Expand or collapse. Why do some of the fields on my reports display "unavailable"?

    Fields where the data is "unavailable" are related to an injury (injury nature, body part, accident type, etc.). After L&I receives a claim, it takes our staff 3 to 4 weeks to evaluate the injury and assign it to categories, called coding it. A recently filed claim that hasn't yet been coded will show fields with "unavailable data."

  • Expand or collapse. Why can't I get my reports to open?
    • Check the date-range selection to make sure you entered a date range.
    • A new window must open to display the reports. That's a "pop-up" - which may be blocked by your internet browser. If so, you will need to change this setting on on your internet browser. Go to the browser's Tools, find the tab containing the pop-up blocker, and change your settings to allow pop-ups from L&I's Web site. You can also turn off your pop-up blocker just when you are working on our site.
  • Expand or collapse. Why does it take so long for my reports to open?
    • Our website may be experiencing a slowdown. Slowdowns can occur when L&I is performing maintenance on the site or when many users log on at the same time.
    • You may have requested a lot of data. For a long date range, displaying your report may take a little longer than normal, especially if you want to view multiple reports. You might consider narrowing your desired date range or selecting fewer reports to be displayed at a time.
  • Expand or collapse. When I am viewing multiple reports and I select the print option, why don't all the reports print?

    Each report has its own report header above it and each header contains the print and export icon. For each report, you must select the print option separately. This is a feature of the software, or application, that creates these reports and we were unable to change it.

  • Expand or collapse. If I have requested multiple reports and select the print option on any of the reports other than the first one, the page jumps back to the top of the page and displays the first report. Why?

    The page will always default to the top of the page when you are viewing multiple reports. This is how the application works and we were unable to change this feature. For the report you want to print, you must select the print option from the header above that report. Even though the page defaults to the view of the first report, the report you selected to print will print for you.

  • Expand or collapse. When I click on the print option, a second window opens with my report. Why?

    The application used to display the reports requires this second print page. This is a feature of the application that produces the reports and we weren't able to change it. From this second page you will need to select the print option either from the print icon or go to file and select print.

  • Expand or collapse. When I am viewing multiple reports, why don't they all export to Excel?

    For each report you want to export, you must select the export option from the header above that report. This is a feature of the application that we were unable to change.

  • Expand or collapse. Why don't some of my reports display the claims data?

    If your business hasn't had any claims assigned to your account, there won't be data to display. If a claim has recently been filed against your business, L&I hasn't entered the injury details yet. It's also possible that additional information may be needed on that particular claim and L&I hasn't assigned it to an employer.

  • Expand or collapse. Why do my reports include claims for workers who aren't my employees?

    It is possible that L&I has assigned a claim to your employer account in error. You may need to contact your Account Manager to go over the employer assignment on this claim.

Cost-Analysis Calculator

  • Expand or collapse. How do I use the calculator?

    The calculator is intended for educational purposes only. There arent any guarantees that your premiums will match your estimates using the calculator. Use the calculator to experiment with "what if" scenarios. This will allow you to see the potential impact on your experience factor and premiums when you add or subtract claim costs.

  • Expand or collapse. Why does the calculator only go back to rating year 2007?

    The experience rating formula used to calculate your experience factors was changed in 2007. This calculator only functions with the new formula. We weren't able to incorporate the experience rating formula prior to 2007.

  • Expand or collapse. If I enter zero (0) for estimated premiums, the calculator's results display a percentage increase but don't display additional premiums. Why?

    The calculator is displaying the correct results. This claim scenario will change the additional claim costs, increased experience factor and percent of increase. To show an increase in premiums you must enter a dollar amount in the estimated premiums field. However, if you are planning on paying zero (0) premiums for the rating year selected, the system can't calculate additional premiums.

Account Hours and Number of Employees by Quarter

Claims by Shift and Day of Week

Claim Cost and Count by Body Part/Nature/Type

  • Expand or collapse. Why doesn't this report list the claim number?

    This report was developed for the limited purpose of identifying trends. L&I shared all of the reports with our stakeholders. For this report, the stakeholders expressed interest in the Body Part, Type, and Nature of the injuries but didn't request specific claim numbers.

  • Expand or collapse. Why does this report list only 4 years worth of data?

    To provide you with a printable report, we had to limit the number of columns. To see additional years, you must submit an additional request with updated date ranges.

Comparing Premiums Paid at Experience Factor vs. Base Rate 1.0000

Customized Claim Details

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