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Washington State Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Worker Health Module


SHARP BRFSS Publications

  • Characteristics of BRFSS Cell Phone Only Respondents – McHugh, A., Marcum, J., Bonauto, D. (2016). ‘BRFSS 2012-2014: Demographic and Employment Characteristics of Cell Phone Only Respondents,’ Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, SHARP Technical Report Number 96-1-2016. Olympia, WA.
  • Asthma - Anderson, N.J., Fan, Z.J.,  Reeb-Whitaker, C., Bonauto, D. and Rauser, E. (2014).  Distribution of asthma by occupation:  Washington State Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data, 2006-2009.  Journal of Asthma, 51(10):1035-1042.   URL: Summary.
  • Obesity - Bonauto, D. K., Dayu Lu, Z. Joyce Fan. (2014). Obesity Prevalence by Occupation in Washington State. Preventing Chronic Disease.
    Research Summary
  • Influenza-Like Illness - Anderson, N. J., Bonauto, D. K., Fan, Z. J., & Spector, J. T. (2012). Distribution of Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) by Occupation in Washington State, September 2009-August 2010. PLoS ONE, 7(11). URL:
  • Depression & Frequent Mental Distress - Fan, Z. J., Bonauto, D. K., Foley, M. P., Anderson, N. J., Yragui, N. L., & Silverstein, B. A. (2012). Occupation and the prevalence of current depression and frequent mental distress, WA BRFSS 2006 and 2008. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 55(10), 893-903. URL:
  • Health Care Coverage Discrepancy - Fan, Joyce, Z., Anderson, N. J., Foley, M., Rauser, E., & Silverstein, B. A. (2011). The persistent gap in health-care coverage between low- and high-income workers in Washington State: BRFSS, 2003-2007. Public Health Reports, 126(5), 690-699. URL:
  • Proportion of workers who were work-injured - Bonauto, DK, Fan, JZ, Largo, TW, Rosenman, KD, Green MK, Walters, JK, Flattery, J, Yu, L, Fang, S, Davis, LK, Valiante, DJ, Cummings, KR, & Hellsten, JJ. (2010). Proportion of workers who were work-injured and payment by workers' compensation systems - 10 states, 2007. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep, 59(29), 897-900. URL:
  • Underreporting of occupational injury and illness to workers’ compensation - Fan, Z. J., Bonauto, D. K., Foley, M. P., & Silverstein, B. A. (2006). Underreporting of work-related injury or illness to workers' compensation: Individual and industry factors. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 48(9), 914-922. URL:
  • COMING SOON: Insufficient Sleep by Occupation


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