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Work-Related Asthma (brochure) (141 KB PDF)

Valley fever now in Washington State - Information for Clinicians (553 KB PDF)

Marijuana and Work-Related Asthma (671 KB PDF).

Isocyanate-based foam and Work-Related Asthma (417 KB PDF)

Valley fever - Information for Employers (986 KB PDF)

Valley fever - Information for Workers (360 KB PDF)
en Español (365 KB PDF)


Hazard Brief: Tethered Machine Creates a Hazard for Hand Fallers (218 KB PDF)

Hazard Brief: Skyline Hazard Complacency (216 KB PDF)

Near Miss Alert: Spliced Eye Break on Tether Cable (808 KB PDF)

Hazard Brief: Grabbing Swinging Chokers (162 KB PDF)

Timber Faller Killed When Struck by Maple Top (616 KB PDF)
Incident Date: August, 2017

Hazard Brief: Unstable Logs on Loads (419 KB PDF)

Hazard Brief: Skyline Hung Through Standing Timber (293 KB PDF)

Timber Faller Perspectives on Tethered Logging Operations (300 KB PDF)
Technical Report, July, 2017

Timber Cutter Struck by Maple Limb (831 KB PDF)
Incident Date: March, 2014

Hazard Brief: Equipment Hazards Frequently Found During DOSH Consultation Visits, January-April 2017 (364 KB PDF)

Hazard Brief: Road builders can create hazards for loggers and cutters (364 KB PDF)

Choker Setter Struck by Falling Chunk (492 KB PDF)
Incident Date: September, 2016

Shovel Operator Dies When Shovel Rolls Down a Ridge (533 KB PDF)
Incident Date: September, 2016

Survey of Contract Loggers with Non-Mechanized Logging Operations, Summer 2016 (383 KB PDF).


71-163-2017  Agriculture narrative
Farm Laborer Dies When UTV Struck by Vehicle (414 KB PDF)
Slideshow (970 KB PDF)
Incident Date: April 24, 2017

71-162-2017  Construction narrative
Framer Falls 18 Feet while Sheathing Roof (376 KB PDF)
Slideshow (882 KB PDF)
Incident Date: February 29, 2016

71-161-2017  Agriculture narrative
Dairy Worker Injured When Clothes Are Caught in Straw Spreader (240 KB PDF)
Slideshow (209 KB PDF)
Incident Date: December 13, 2016

71-161-2017 en Español
Trabajador de lechería se lesiona cuando su ropa es atrapada en un esparcidor de paja (172 KB PDF)
Slideshow (205 KB PDF)

71-160-2017  Construction narrative
Foreman and Laborer Fall when Aerial Lift Struck by Vehicle (339 KB PDF)
Slideshow (1012 KB PDF)
Incident Date: July 1, 2016

71-159-2017  Agriculture narrative
Truck Driver Crushed When Unsecured Equipment Falls from Trailer (298 KB PDF)
Slideshow (472 KB PDF)
Incident Date: September 29, 2016

Orchard Laborer Dies When Run Over By Rotary Mower After Falling From Tractor (1.52 MB PDF). (#13WA01501)
Incident Date: April 2013

71-158-2017  Construction narrative
Carpenter Falls 60 Feet from Bridge Concrete Form (306 KB PDF)
Slideshow (1.09 MB PDF)
Incident Date: March 12, 2015

2016 data (1.35 MB PDF). Data summaries of all workplace fatalities.

71-157-2017  Agriculture narrative
Truck Driver Hauling Grain Dies When Truck Crashes (331 KB PDF)
Slideshow (2.28 MB PDF)
Incident Date: August 8, 2016

71-156-2017  Construction narrative
Pipelayer Dies when Trench Wall Collapses (291 KB PDF)
Slideshow (1.36 MB PDF)
Incident Date: January 26, 2016

71-155-2017  Construction narrative
Construction Laborer Falls when Ladder Breaks (405 KB PDF)
Slideshow (1.12 MB PDF)
Incident Date: January 27, 2016

Bark Company Owner Dies After Being Crushed By Ecology Block Wall (1.07 MB PDF). (#15WA02901)
Incident Date: July 2016

Timber Cutter Struck by Falling Fir Tree (596 KB PDF)
Incident Date: September, 2014

71-154-2016  Construction narrative
Roofer Falls 19 Feet from Roof (342 KB PDF)
Slideshow (306 KB PDF)
Incident Date: March 31, 2015

71-153-2016  Agriculture narrative
Dairy Laborer Dies when Loader Falls into Manure Pit (514 KB PDF)
Slideshow (1.98 MB PDF)
Incident Date: February 25, 2015

71-153-2016 en Español
Trabajador de lecherías muere cuando cargador cae en pozo de estiércol (475 KB PDF)
Slideshow (2.45 MB PDF)

Research Findings

75-29-2017 Safety Climate Impacts Truck Driver Injuries (122 KB PDF)

75-28-2017 Work-related Injuries Among Janitors (114 KB PDF)

75-27-2017 Temporary Worker at Risk (107 KB PDF)

75-26-2017 Declines in Work-related Muskuloskeletal Disorders (112 KB PDF)

75-25-2017 Work-Related Injury and Illness (373 KB PDF)

75-24-2017 Characteristics of Injuries Not Reported by Employers (108 KB PDF)

Surveillance: Hospitalizations for Work-Related Injuries

Immediate Inpatient Hospitalizations for Work-Related Injury: Washington State, 2014 (1.25 MB PDF)

Immediate Work-Related Inpatient Hospitalizations in Crop & Animal Production Agriculture: Washington State, 2011-2015 (675 KB PDF)

Surveillance: Consultation and Enforcement: Impact of DOSH inspections

Impact of DOSH inspections and consultations on workplace safety, 2014-2015 (168 KB PDF)

Surveillance: Occupational Health Indicators

Washington State Occupational Health Indicators - Current Data (2010 to Present) (341 KB PDF)


76-08-2017 Injury Rates Among Janitors – Differences iun Work-Related Injuries Among Janitors, by Gender (106 KB PDF)

76-07-2017 Temporary Worker Injury Claims – Workers' Compensation Claim Rate: Temporary vs. Permanent Workers (106 KB PDF)

76-06-2017 WMSD Claims and Costs – Declines in Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) (106 KB PDF)

76-05-2017 Suicide by Occupation – Occupations with Highest Mortality Ratio from Suicide (114 KB PDF)

76-04-2017 Construction Falls Claims and Costs - Percent of Claims and Costs for Fall from Elevation claims by Construction Activity (448 KB PDF)

76-03-2016 Mental Distress by Occupation - Percent of workers reporting frequent mental distress by occupation group (165 KB PDF)

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