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Valley fever - Information for Workers (360 KB PDF).

Valley fever now in Washington State - Information for Clinicians (553 KB PDF).

Marijuana and Work-Related Asthma (671 KB PDF).

Isocyanate-based foam and Work-Related Asthma (417 KB PDF).


Shovel Operator Dies When Shovel Rolls Down a Ridge (533 KB PDF).
Incident Date: September, 2016

Survey of Contract Loggers with Non-Mechanized Logging Operations, Summer 2016 (383 KB PDF).

Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics Evaluation in a Naturalistic Work Environment (1.58 MB PDF)


New 2016 data (1.35 MB PDF). Data summaries of all workplace fatalities.

71-157-2017  Agriculture narrative
Truck Driver Hauling Grain Dies When Truck Crashes (331 KB PDF).
Slideshow (2.28 MB PDF).
Incident Date: August 8, 2016

71-156-2017  Construction narrative
Pipelayer Dies when Trench Wall Collapses (291 KB PDF).
Slideshow (1.36 MB PDF).
Incident Date: January 26, 2016

71-155-2017  Construction narrative
Construction Laborer Falls when Ladder Breaks (405 KB PDF).
Slideshow (1.12 MB PDF).
Incident Date: January 27, 2016

Bark Company Owner Dies After Being Crushed By Ecology Block Wall (1.07 MB PDF). (#15WA02901)
Incident Date: July 2016

Timber Cutter Struck by Falling Fir Tree (596 KB PDF).
Incident Date: September, 2014

71-154-2016  Construction narrative
Roofer Falls 19 Feet from Roof (342 KB PDF).
Slideshow (306 KB PDF).
Incident Date: March 31, 2015

Forest Crew Worker Electrocuted While Trying to Cut Tree Fallen on High-Voltage Power Line (1.05 MB PDF). (#12WA04501)
Incident Date: October 2012

71-153-2016  Agriculture narrative
Dairy Laborer Dies when Loader Falls into Manure Pit (514 KB PDF).
Slideshow (1.98 MB PDF).
Incident Date: February 25, 2015

71-153-2016 en Español
Trabajador de lecherías muere cuando cargador cae en pozo de estiércol (475 KB PDF).
Slideshow (2.45 MB PDF).

71-152-2016  Agriculture narrative
Farm Laborer Caught in Hay Baler (427 KB PDF).
Slideshow (1.39 MB PDF).
Incident Date: June 6, 2016

Coffee Stand Owner Dies When Leak from Propane Cylinder Causes a Fire (809 KB PDF). (#16WA00101)
Incident Date: January 2016

71-151-2016  Construction narrative
Roofing Contractor Falls 25 Feet from Church Roof (361 KB PDF).
Slideshow (642 KB PDF).
Incident Date: September 9, 2015

Surveillance: Hospitalizations for Work-Related Injuries

NEW Immediate Work-Related Inpatient Hospitalizations in Crop & Animal Production Agriculture: Washington State, 2011-2015 (675 KB PDF).

Surveillance: Impact of DOSH inspections

NEW Impact of DOSH inspections and consultations on workplace safety, 2014-2015 (168 KB PDF).

Surveillance: Occupational Health Indicators

NEW Washington State Occupational Health Indicators - Current Data (2006 to Present) (304 KB PDF).


76-04-2017 Construction Falls Claims and Costs - Percent of Claims and Costs for Fall from Elevation claims by Construction Activity (448 KB PDF).

76-03-2016 Mental Distress by Occupation - Percent of workers reporting frequent mental distress by occupation group (165 KB PDF).


90-175-2016 Landing Like A Pro Poster (1.13 MB PDF).

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