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What's the purpose of the Physical Job Evaluation Checklist?

The purpose of the Physical Job Evaluation Checklist is to help

  • identify aspects of the job that pose a risk for back, shoulder, hand/wrist, and knee injury, and
  • prioritize injury prevention efforts by identifying the jobs or the aspects of the job that pose the greatest risk of injury.

In an effort to help increase general awareness of the physical factors that contribute to WMSDs, SHARP researchers developed the Physical Job Evaluation Checklist from their evaluation of WMSD risk based on their observations of work activities performed in 6 industry sectors.

This checklist can quickly assess levels of risk of injury (minimal, moderate, or high) for the back, shoulder, hand/wrist, and knee in a given job.

See industry-specific summary reports

About the work to identify high-risk jobs for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)

In 2010, the SHARP Program began a 5-year study exploring the physical and organizational factors that may contribute to WMSDs in 6 major industry sectors across the state of Washington.

Through interviews with company managers, employee representatives, and injured workers, researchers gained insight into the organizational climate, the nature of existing safety programs, and the context within which WMSDs occur. During site visits to workplaces, SHARP researchers assessed physical risk factors for hundreds of jobs using a combination of well-researched evaluation instruments.

Based on results from this project, SHARP has produced a summary report and physical job evaluation checklist for each industry sector. These materials have been produced for use by employers, safety managers, employees, and others in the occupational health and safety field.

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