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WISHA provides rule guidance to staff through two types of policies:

  1. WISHA Interim Operations and Interpretive Memoranda (WIIM)
  2. WISHA Regional Directives (WRD)

The WIIMs and WRDs do not:

  • Substitute for the rule or requirement referenced.
  • Create additional obligations for employers.

The following is a list of all WISHA policies in effect as of 11/14/2014

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Policy Name Policy Number Description Date Issued
Mechanical Removal of Asbestos-Containing Floor Tile WIIM 97-7-G Provides guidance to WISHA staff regarding the enforcement of asbestos standards when a stationary flat blade attached to a motorized vehicle is used in the removal of vinyl asbestos floor tile and mastic. 7/25/1997
Non-Agricultural Use of Pesticides WIIM 98-2-A Provides guidance to WISHA staff regarding appropriate application of pesticide safety requirements to employers and activities outside the scope of the Agriculture Standard. 2/26/1998

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