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Illustration of arms lifting a box. Title screen: How much can you safely lift?Lifting calculator app

How much can you safely lift? Find out with this handy lifting calculator app (osha.oregon.gov).

Use the app online or get it for your smartphone or tablet:

How to use the app

1. Indicate where your lift begins.

2. Estimate the number of lifts per minute and the hours of lifting per day.

3. The app calculates the maximum safe lifting weight, with an additional limit for more than 45 degrees of twisting during lifting

Industry-specific physical job evaluation checklist (Excel file .xslm 4 MB)

This checklist can quickly assess levels of risk of injury (minimal, moderate, or high) for the back, shoulder, hand/wrist, and knee in a given job. The Physical Job Evaluation Checklist was developed from observations of work activities performed and the evaluation of WMSD risk is based on those observations.

The purpose of the Physical Job Evaluation Checklist is:

  1. To help identify aspects of the job that pose a risk for back, shoulder, hand/wrist and knee injury.
  2. To help prioritize injury prevention efforts by identifying the jobs or the aspects of the job that pose the greatest risk of injury.

Note: Currently, the checklist is only available for Windows operating systems. Running this Excel file in other operating system will create errors. Additionally, this file cannot be opened with any other spreadsheet programs.

Computer workstation self evaluation

Link to Hazard Zone Checklist

Hazard zone checklist

Link to Caution Zone Checklist

Caution zone checklist

Other evaluation tools

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