Contractors (Generals contractor, Subcontractors, Independent contractor)

Photo Courtesy of OSHA. Safety meeting are a good tool to take about the importance of safety on the job site.

 A little planning goes a long way to ensure safety & health on a jobsite.

Photo Courtesy of OSHA

Being a general, sub, or independent contractor is not just a job, it’s a job with responsibilities. One of the main important responsibilities of being a contractor is keeping your contractor’s registration, insurance, and bond up to date with Washington State Labor & Industries contractor’s registration.
Some of the other responsibilities depending on what you were hired can include:

  • General Contractor
    • Running the jobsite
    • Hiring subcontractors or independent contractors
    • Verifying their contractor’s registration, insurance, and bond
    • Developing and implementing a jobsite specific accident prevention program
    • Enforcing safety and health on the job site to protect your workers and the workers of the subs and independent contractors
    • Subcontractors
      • Being up to date on your registration, insurance and bond
      • Implementing your accident prevention program
      • Training, safety meetings and walk-around inspections
      • Provide (at no cost), necessary personal protective equipment to protect your workers from hazards such as:
        • Falls;
        • Unguarded machinery;
        • Moving equipment; and
        • Swing or flying debris
    • Independent contractors
      • Being up to date on your registration, insurance and bond

    Information provided in this topic page can help employers and employees identify and evaluate existing and foreseeable safety & health hazards, and provide resources to help with training, prevention methods, and the development and implementation of a required written safety & health accident prevention program (APP).

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