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Chemical Substitutes

The Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell unveiled a new surface cleaning online database called CleanerSolutions. The free, interactive web-based tool helps manufacturers find safer cleaning alternatives that perform as well as hazardous chemicals — without increasing risks.

Companies are able to choose the contaminant, solvent to replace, type of equipment and the material that’s being cleaned from a drop-down menu. The search results list possible replacement products, performance test results, and safety information based on five environmental and health indicators. The TURI Laboratory conducts a preliminary screening to determine a chemical’s potential risk based on global warming potential, ozone depletion potential, volatile organic content, flammability/reactivity and acute toxicity.

CleanerSolutions On-Line Tool for Solvent Substitution in Surface Cleaning

A simple, single solution for solvent substitution for surface cleaning is hard to come by. In attempt to address this issue, the Surface Solution Laboratory (SSL) has created this database linking performance evaluations to specific testing parameters and environmental assessments based on the testing performed at the lab. You may also want to check out these other related web tools.

SSL was designed with the capability to evaluate the effectiveness of different cleaning chemistries and equipment for a variety of substrates and contaminants. The goal of SSL is to assist industry in the search for safer cleaning processes by developing and promoting safer alternatives to hazardous solvents with a special focus on aqueous/semi-aqueous (water-based) cleaners and state-of-the-art surface cleanliness analyses.

From the testing performed at SSL, a wealth of data has been accumulated on the performances of industrial cleaning products. In order to use this information effectively, the CleanerSolutions Database was created so that access to this resource would be easy and quick. This web-based interface to the CleanerSolutions Database is field-searchable by surface contaminants, surface substrates, cleaning equipment, solvents replaced and vendor product data.

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